Don Olbrich, Tax Scofflaw

Don Olbrich, hard-core Lou supporter and rabid Democrat (he is so rabid that he blindly follows any D whether they are honest or not) is also a tax scofflaw.

As every township and city, as well as the county in general faces a major tax crisis, Don happily takes county money for a job in which he has no qualifications, and refuses to pay his tax bills.

In today’s Public Notice section of the News of Cumberland County, Done Olbrich Sr is listed as owing $13,545.86 and $5,424.06 respectively. This man has the sort of character that Lou apparently looks for in his appointments to public positions. Joe Veight, the Shared Services Coordinator is a slumlord;  Todd Edwards has a no-show job; Olbrich is a tax cheat. And in this time of fiscal crisis, with real jobs being cut across the county, Lou could not care less. Lou Magazzu has bad judgment all around!


8 Responses to Don Olbrich, Tax Scofflaw

  1. Bridgeton Gary says:

    Slum Lord, Tax Cheat, dishonest? Sounds like someone may have just stepped over the edge. Even public figures are entitled to be spared accusations of crime.

  2. WuLi says:

    Gary – I have in my possession at least 50 documents proving that Veight is a slumlord. I have posted a few of them on this website previously. When a landlord allows sewerage to overflow into a tenant’s yard, and it takes a court order to force him to comply with the law – in my book that constitutes a slumlord. I have letters FROM some of his tenants verifying this and much more.

    Tax Cheat? Okay – so Don Olbrich refuses to pay $19,000 in taxes – I suppose that makes him an upstanding citizen. Every other citizen is expected to pay their tax bill on time, but Lou’s friend Olbrich gets away with not paying, placing that burden on every other taxpayer.

    Don Olbrich owns two pieces of property at 588 Shiloh Pike, Hopewell. According to the tax records, Block 54, lot 3.01 is assessed at $11,345.44, Don owes over $13,000. He hasn’t even attempted to pay in over a year, apparently. Block 54, lot 9 is assessed at $4309.60, and he owes over $5,400.

    What words would YOU choose to describe these actions if not scofflaw and tax cheat?

  3. Bridgeton Gary says:

    How about “delinquent tax payer?” What is the reason for the taxes not being paid? Won’t the city sell tax sale certificates and won’t the owner owe interest to the tax certificate buyer? How do you determine who is a cheat when you don’t know the circumstances? Just a bunch of emotional BULL I’d say/

  4. WuLi says:

    scofflaw [ˈskɒflɔː]
    US informal a person who habitually flouts or violates the law, esp one who fails to pay debts or answer summonses

    Taxes are owed – and there is never a good reason to not pay. Taxes are owed quarterly. Failing to pay FOUR TIMES IN A ROW would be defined as habitual. Olbrich fits this definition.

    Lou Magazzu, and Doug Rainear, and the lying sheriff Bob Austino ALL used derogatory names publicly against me, a private citizen with no government job – and no political benefits at taxpayers’ expense. Why? Because I called Lou out on his lie of “the biggest tax decrease in county history” several years ago. Rather than explain how his decrease actually cost every taxpayer hundreds of dollars in increased tax payments (smoke and mirrors) he decided to crucify the messenger.

    So – what is good for the goose is good for the gander – anybody that is willingly associated with the Magazzu machine should have no problem being on the receiving end of similar treatment.

    They ALL gladly go along with Lou’s agenda to trash private citizens that dare to speak up. Just ask Mark Krull – Lou called him a spy. Why, because he was doing what he does, vidceos and blogs, and was an ardent D until Lou publicly attacked him. Ask Linda Forbes. Lou trashed her in a Freeholder meeting, and tag teamed with Joe Riley who also attempted to defame her publicly rather than treat her as a private citizen with valid concerns.

    Once anyone of Lou’s cronies opens their mouth and publicly rebukes Lou for his habit of trash talk, I will gladly treat them with more gentle words. But they won’t, they will endorse his tactics by their silence. That endorsement of Lou’s methods puts them in a precarious situation if they refuse to behave honorably, and in Don’s case pay taxes in a timely manner.

    Don Olbrich has a government job, being paid by the county taxpayers. The taxpayers of Hopewell, paying his salary and benefits DESERVE an explanation and apology form this “delinquent tax payer”. Delinquent taxes COSTS everybody.

  5. GoGoCumCo says:

    You touch an interesting point in your previous comments. Lou does seem to have a problem remembering that being polite to his constituents is part of his job. When they say something that he does not like, attacking them publicly is NOT the appropriate answer. For some reason, ignorance I suppose, the people of this county continue to allow him and his uncontrolled mouth free reign. Aren’t we all lucky…

  6. Bridgeton Gary says:

    “Delinquent taxes COSTS everybody.”

    Even those who don’t pay them?

    As for Wuli, since when does he/she get to punish people for what they don’t say or do? If you don’t hate my enemy I will hate you? What kind of a loser does that?

  7. WuLi says:

    All of these people have profited from Lou due to their loyalty.They ARE part of the reason Lou is allowed to get away with bilking the taxpayers – and the evidence of his doings is plain to see, except to those that are willingly blind.

  8. Cumberland County Skunks hitting us all hard! says:

    It’s just terrible. You would think Donald’s better half would get upset about being thousands of dollars in debt to the taxpayers, her name in the newspapers for being owing such big bucks……yet, go figure, he collecting hand over fist from the taxpayers for his appointed position. Ugh…it’s disgusting….Well, maybe they can explain or better yet…. just pay up what they owe?

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