Open Space Plan – costs increase under Lou’s guidance

MagazzuWatch has been a proponent of a county open space plan. It makes sense, and the initial costs will be made up for with increased federal and state matching grants in the future.

However, as always, Lou was able to politicize event his. A consultant was finally selected.  If you have been following this story on MWatch,  you know the sordid details. Suffice to say that ALL bidders were pre-qualified, but for some reason Lou was hell-bent on awarding it to a Pennsylvania firm.

On Thursday night though, the contract was awarded on a 7-0 vote without a prefacing remark of any kind.

Simone Collins Landscape Architecture of Berwyn, Pa., as expected, will do the work for a total of $80,000.

They came in higher than their initial bid, after Lou insisted that the plan be stretched over two years rather than one. Their bid was $20,000 more than the lowest bid. It seems that only in Cumberland County politics can the award be given to the firm that bids MUCH higher than the lowest bidder.

And you have to remember that it was just two days ago that Lou pushed to fire another 55 county employees.


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