The CCUA cop out

The CCUA is used by Lou Magazzu as a carrot for his friends.  Perhaps you are good at GOTV – yelling at people and demandiung that they vote your party line as Todd Edwards has been accused of doing. Lou uses the CCUA to reward you with a no-show job.  Even if you do choose to attend the 12 one-hour board meetings annually, your compensation is way out of line with the minimal amount of obligation.

As a CCUA board member you have no attendance requirement.  Don Olbrich missed several meetings one year.  Angela Edwards also missed multiple meetings last year. However, none of them ever missed their paycheck for not showing up.

It is time for Bridgeton City leadership to demand of the Freeholders to do away with this archaic system of paying people to sit (or not sit as the case may be) on this board. The money doesn’t affect Cumberland County taxpayers as a whole, only those townships and the city of Bridgeton that use the services of the authority. However, with compensation to board members running close to $30,000 a year, quite a chunk of money could be eliminated from the budget, resulting in a substantial savings to rate payers.

We know for a fact that Al Kelly won’t be in any rush to support such a move.  He is a Magazzu crony, and Todd Edwards has one of his signs in front of his funeral home. Lou won’t support such a move, he cannot afford to lose one of his avenues of rewarding allies.


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