Lou Magazzu – supreme egotist and power hungry freak

Lou says it best in his won words – in his own little mind, he IS the Democratic Party. There can be no room for anyone to disagree. Everyone that is a Democrat in Cumberland County MUST follow his every whim, or he will take vengeance.

Upper Deerfield Township committeeman and registered Democrat Bruce Peterson will not be part of a slate of candidates endorsed by the county Democratic committee in June’s municipal primary election, despite having support from party members in his hometown.

It does not matter one whit what the registered Democrats want, because Lou does not believe in democracy but in totalitarian rule.

He (Peterson) did not receive the Democratic executive committee’s endorsement this year in his bid to represent township Democrats in November’s general election, according to a letter received April 16 by the county clerk’s office.

“It’s a statement of contempt,” Freeholder Director and Cumberland County Democratic Committee Chairman Lou Magazzu said Monday.

Lou is correct, it is a statement of contempt.  It is a statement of Lou’s contempt towards the voters, and towards the exercise of free speech. Peterson was one of MANY Democrats that understand that Lou has undermined the party. He has turned the county party into a machine that feed off of his own ego, and serves ONLY his own purposes, riding roughshod over the rights of others that would dare to open their mouth.

The final decision not to include Peterson with the party line was made by Magazzu.

“The county chairman makes the decision on the line,” he said. “The decision was made to show that (Peterson’s) attempt to destroy the Democratic Party was not appreciated.”

And there we have it, Lou, in his massive ego and puny mind, forgetting to think before engaging his mouth, informs the public that he, Lou Magazzu, IS the Democratic Party. If you do not toe the line, Lou will unilaterally make the decision to oust you. Why? Because Bruce, along with two other lifelong and ardent Democrats tried to fix the system from the outside after realizing that Lou had too much of a stranglehold on his minions to allow them to effect positive change from the inside. After all, Lou holds the power to take away jobs and positions from those that would disagree, and to give jobs and positions to those that will blindly follow and obey.

Hopefully Deerfield Democrats will realize that this is an affront to them, and will do the right thing when voting in this upcoming primary.


13 Responses to Lou Magazzu – supreme egotist and power hungry freak

  1. RDOwens says:

    It is interesting that you posted this. I was just searching for Matt’s e-mail address. I cannot determine from how this was published who said:

    “The county chairman makes the decision on the line,” he said. “The decision was made to show that (Peterson’s) attempt to destroy the Democratic Party was not appreciated.”

    I thought it was Magazzu, but then later Dunn states:

    Magazzu denies that the decision was his alone and said the decision to reject Peterson’s candidacy was made after consulting with other Democratic leaders.

    That contradicts the first quotation. If the first is not Magazzu’s, then is it Peterson’s? It seems like an odd quotation for Peterson to have made.

    It’s possible it was Daddario’s quotation. Again, that doesn’t seem quite right.

    Matt, who said that?

  2. RDOwens says:

    BTW, the NJ.com comment section kept returning errors when I attempted to post on Dunn’s article.

  3. Oinkforfreedom says:

    Indeed you do not have to be a politician to feel Lou;s RATH!! I was called a Republican by this man though I am registered Democrat. Say Christie do somthing useful check out Cumberland County and their contracts

  4. abondroit says:

    Lou calls himself a leader. His autocratic methods show him to be the worst kind of leader. I call Lou a spoiled brat, and when he doesn’t get his way he throws a tantrum and acts like a seventh grader. I wonder why any mature-thinking individual would listen to him. Let’s hope the voters in Upper Deerfield have some intelligence and vote over-whelmingly for Bruce Peterson.

  5. Matt Dunn says:

    Both of those quotations were made by Lou. I’m sorry if it came across as ambiguous.

    What Lou is saying is that he has final say on the party line, but that the decision was aided by other party leaders.

  6. WuLi says:

    What Lou doesn’t say is that ALL of those party leaders are beholden to him, and owe their positions to the fact that Lou ALLOWS them to be in those positions.

  7. Hang 'em High says:

    Me thinks that fat-head louie’s revenge tactic will blow up in his face in Upper Deerfield.

  8. RDOwens says:

    Thanks, Matt. I appreciate you chiming in. It had not been clear to me.

    Matt, did you ask Magazzu who the “other party leaders” with whom he consulted were?

  9. God Help Us Please !!!! says:

    Mr.Louis Magauzz is going to kill us and take the county.

  10. God Help Us Please !!!! says:


  11. God Help Us Please !!!! says:

    Maybe he wants to gives his pals a JOB. THINK ABOUT IT

  12. Byelou says:

    What happened? You had Lou on the ropes, referred his corruption to the Attorney General, and nothing happened. Go for the juggular.

  13. WuLi says:

    Patience, my friend.

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