Shared Services

In a grasp for even more power Lou Magazzu is talking “shared services“.

Cumberland County and municipal governments need to share more services and even merge some operations to reduce the tax burden on residents.

That’s the bottom line county Freeholder Director Louis Magazzu will try to draw today at a luncheon meeting of the county’s three chambers of commerce.

I wonder if Lou will mention anything about his shared services coordinator, the slumlord Joe Veight.  So far, the only sharing to come from Veight has been the burden of paying his salary to accomplish absolutely nothing. Complaints ring in from the townships regularly about his incompetence in that position.

While the concept of shared services is a grand idea, will the county actually provide the services our tax dollars are funding?  Magazzu has a penchant for appointing political cronies into leadership slots for which they have absolutely no experience or qualification.

The county has more than doubled spending under Lou’s leadership, and one has to wonder if there will be any actual costs savings under any shared services plan in which the county takes a leading role.


6 Responses to Shared Services

  1. wayne rizzo says:

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    By Robert Owens
    Bridgeton Mayor James Begley stated that sharing services with the county has been a negative experience. Begley said his city’s experience with the county.
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  2. DJ Feral says:

    Joe Veight is the County shared services coordinator?
    I thought he worked at the CCIA, he spends so much of his work day there, which raises another question — How much time does he really put into his “paid” job and what’s our return on investement as taxpayers? Haven’t seeen much happen in shared services since he started in that position. If he needs some help figuring out how to do his “paid” job, he can ask any nonprofit, they’ve been sharing services for ages.

  3. Calhoun says:

    Magazzu’s idea is a good one, so long as Magazzu is not in office! A shared services program while Magazzu is in office means that he will be sharing more taxpayers’ dollars with his cronies. He has too much largesse at his disposal under the current system; we don’t need more falling under him. Shared services translates into consolidated power, probably at the County level, and we don’t need that when Magazzu is in power.

    It truly is pathetic that we must oppose a good idea simply because the personnel (Magazzu) that would be implementing it is so bad. But that’s the shittery we find ourselves in here in Cumberland County.

    Magazzu’s army of cronies (e.g., Gary Wodlinger, Brendan Kavanagh, Albert Kelly, Clair Miller, Jim Quinn, Dale Finch, Mayor Romano [sort of], Todd Edwards, Nancy Sungenis, Edward Salmon, James Dunkins, Nelson Thompson, Jane Jannarone, Joe Veight, Don Olbrich, Jose Velez, Don Rainear, Charlie Thomas, Gary Simmerman — and the list goes on), all of whom paid their way into their positions through contributions, GOTV, or other forms of loyalty, needs to get smaller not larger. And I fear consolidation will result in the latter.

  4. WuLi says:

    In today’s DJ there is more on shared services.

    Magazzu called for Vineland, a city that historically operates with some autonomy from the county, to combine its 9-1-1 emergency call center with its county counterpart.

    The freeholder director then upped the ante again, calling a political end run around the mayors of the county’s three cities. Area business people and groups need to press their local officials to “get in the game,” he said.

    “You’ve got to talk to Mayor Begley — or I hope Mayor Kelly,” Magazzu said. “You have to talk to Mayor Romano. You have to talk to Mayor Shannon.” (Albert Kelly is challenging Bridgeton Mayor James Begley in the next election.)

    Magazzu previewed for The Daily Journal on Wednesday his plan for shared services — calling for such things as a four regional school systems, a collaborative public works department, a countywide tax collector’s and tax assessor’s office, and merged library administrations.

    If there is any reason to vote for Begley – Magazzu’s inappropriate remark during a professional luncheon is one of them! Lou seems to get more crass and vulgar, lacking any ability of professionalism during public speeches. All three mayors should register a vocal complaint that Magazzu is usurping their authority by this end run. It is yet more evidence that Lou does not care about the edict of voters that elected these leaders, in Lou’s world he alone is king and all authority should rest with him.

    And therein lies the crunch. The ideas make sense. Consolidate redundant services, save money in infrastructure. But only if the current level of service can be guaranteed. With my experience with the county, all too often the level of service is NOT there.

    Should Vineland combine their 9-11 and their health department with the county? is that Lou’s call? Frankly, I don’t live in Vineland, and if Vineland wants to pay for their own 9-11 and pay for their own health dept., it’s their money. The concern is what we have said all along, this is merely Lou expanding his own personal empire – turning a good idea into bad, gold into rust.

    Lou has proven by past example after example that any expansion to county government is merely a way for him to create more patronage positions. It is empire building by a big fish in a small pond. He is merely a little despot trying to ensure a few more years of tyranny.

  5. Wuli I beleive you are right on this one.Steve Lonagon who heads Americans for Prosperity has been saying for sometime now that expanding government with shared srvices is a bad idea.We could be a poster child with what goes on in Cumberland County, for Americans for Prosperity and how right would Steve Lonagon be.Larger Government moore waste and abuse.The way our Freeholder Director talks about Mayors in your public report I guess he can’t stand the way Mayor Begley challanged him some time back.

  6. Curious says:

    I am Curious. Is it just me, or do you think Magazzu has brass giving advice to the school districts? Cumberland County has the worst budget crisis in South Jersey due to his idiocy.
    This is typical Magazzu.
    Change the subject when it gets uncomfortable.
    Shared services advice? His shared service coordinator
    Joe Veight’s only accomplishment was to combine Fairfield & Downe Township courts. He was the no show prosecutor for those two courts. The state thought the self serving deal smelled so bad, that they demanded his replacement as prosecutor. Finally. one for ethics in government.

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