If you don’t pay union dues, Magazzu and Thompson don’t want you to be allowed to work

Cumberland County is now in the middle of a legal battle because the County Freeholders REFUSED to give a contract to the lowest bidder because they were not a union shop. Apparently if you are not union, you have no right to work in Cumberland County.

Seven firms responded to a request for bids earlier this year to provide interior telephone and data line wiring for the county, with ComTec Systems of Vineland coming in with the lowest bid.

In spite of this, the county passed over ComTec and awarded the contract in March to the next lowest bidders, NJ Business Systems, of Robbinsville, and Aloha, of Cherry Hill.

Lou’s cohort, Brendan Kavanaugh is disseminating false information, making it appear that the Vineland firm,  COM-TEC, would not be paying union scale for the job.  This is a lie. They would be paying union scale, only not to union employees that pay union dues. We know already that Lou and Nelson Thompson have been bought and owned by the unions.

“The county told me that they wanted union firms to bid it,” ComTec President Michael Vertolli said Tuesday. “What they’re not allowed to tell you is that all of their constituents are union reps and that several of the freeholders are union reps.”

ComTec is a non-union firm.

Nelson Thompson, who is up for re-election this year, is a representative of International Union of Painters and Allied Trades.

If you are a Cumberland County company, but not fortunate enough  to be a union shop – it seems that Lou and Nelson are willing to violate state law and hire out of county (one of those firms is in Camden County – imagine that!) rather than hire in county.  So much for easing our highest in the state unemployment rate.

State law requires public contracts to go to the lowest responsible bidder.

“In the interest of fairness and in the interest of complying with the law, the freeholder board did what they felt was right,” Kavanaugh said, in awarding the contract to NJ Business Systems and Aloha.

Vertolli said the “prevailing wages” argument is a ruse.

He said ComTec has agreed to pay prevailing wages, a minimum wage level enforced by the state for workers engaged in public work.

The only difference between ComTec and the other firms is that ComTec does not use union workers, Vertolli stressed, adding that they are not required to use union workers.


10 Responses to If you don’t pay union dues, Magazzu and Thompson don’t want you to be allowed to work

  1. Gilgamesh says:

    So, it must be private industry unions, with connections, these two clowns prefer? From what I hear Lou and his Merry Bunch of Freeloaders have declared war on the county workers. Lou is trying to shoulder ALL of his fiscal blunders on the backs of county workers. After artifically keeping the tax rate low for years (by stealing from the surplus) to assure his relection; He needs more money to take care of his friends and benefactors with money getting tight he needs to bend the workers over. Or so I hear…

  2. WuLi says:

    It all depends on which unions make huge donations to Lou and his merry band of thieves.

  3. Why do bids go out for projects in Cumberland County?

  4. JamesRSauro says:

    Alex it’s to make it look like it’s legal. Every excuse they gave is just that excuses. In a prevailing rate job the employer must show documentation of their payroll. If they don’t follow the law they will be find. They will be made to pay the employees. Where are the newspapers on this. Are they in their shell. Another Camden Co. business gets the business for more money. Doesn’t this make anyone angry. This should be exposed.

  5. Bridgeton Gary says:

    maybe someone should write a letter to the editor,

  6. JamesRSauro says:

    I have to say something else because I’m burning up about this. You get the specs. You bid the specs. If the specs say it is prevailing rate that’s what you pay. It’s a contract. You must submit the payroll reports. It doesn’t matter how many hours you figured or the amount of material. You do the contract. You figured wrong you loose. This is bull. We are paying again. I don’t care what county council said. They should be thrown in jail for their actions. Nothing is being done, and they will get away with this again. The newspapers in this area are a joke. Doesn’t anyone have the balls to do any thing. I will on my show.

  7. god help us says:

    Jim your the only person that I know has the balls to speak what is on your mine. On your show would you please note that the Sheriff has just hired one of his pals, as the county is ready to layoff about 55 county workers.

  8. The bidding process in Cumberland County is getting out of hand.This is my oppinion,it seems if you own a company and do not give to the Democratic Party or you are a Republican your bids are thrown out or not accepted.I know of two companies.If I’am wrong will someone prove it to me.Thank You.

  9. Hang 'em High says:

    Is ANYBODY REALLY surprised by this???? Is this NOT Lou at his usual?

  10. highest paying medical jobs…

    […]If you don’t pay union dues, Magazzu and Thompson don’t want you to be allowed to work « Louis N. Magazzu Watch[…]…

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