A question of responsibility

In today’s Ben column there is an interesting echange concerning Lou Magazzu’s good friend and ally Al Kelly.

“Why is it NJ.com and all the papers will not put the name of Albert Kelly as CEO of Tri-County when it comes to the woman who embezzled funds. 
“As a leader, one must stand up and publish corrective action to ensure continued trust. 
“Anyone can get a bad apple for an employee but hiding from the fact is not good PR.
— concerned taxpayer

Maybe 17 years ago, we had a woman who took company money and used it daily to buy scratch-off Lottery tickets two doors down.
When  she was finally caught taking money in the five digits, we didn’t print the name of the company CEO.
What’s the connection?

Let me chime in. The difference between an employee embezzling funds from a private company, and an officer embezzling money from Tri-County is that the taxpayers don’t pay the salary of the CEO of the private company.

In either case, the management is responsible for everything that occurs under their watch. Al Kelly earns well in the six figures, all paid for by the taxpayers.  (I wonder if he will collect a mayor’s salary in addition to his many other compensations?) It is time for him to act responsibly, and take the blame for this (and other offenses that occurred under his watch) and make sure that safeguards are in place.

One has to wonder just how many more cases of theft have occurred, and are occurring and just haven’t been discovered. Tri-County should be weeding out these transgressions, not outside investigators. I for one am uncomfortable with county money being pumped into this organization by Lou Magazzu when there apparently is no accountability.


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