County wrong to add more to unemployment line

David Mazur actually wrote a letter to the editor that I agreed with. It seems to me that he usually backs Lou Magazzu regardless – he makes some good points here:

I am so disheartened to see that the Cumberland County freeholders have decided they need to lay off as many as 55 more employees. This comes at a time when the county has an outrageous 14.9 percent unemployment rate. This rate has gone up from 13 percent since January. This has caused more foreclosures and less tax revenue coming in for the county budget.

If the freeholders lay off 55 workers plus the 11 from the original list they proposed earlier in the year, this would bring the total to 66 county workers on the unemployment line. This only costs the taxpayers more money. This is not the right answer, but it is the easiest thing to do. No new bold ideas here.

The county has two ways that it can handle the budget problem. It can let the employees keep their jobs and control overtime, or it can lay off employees and force them to cross the Delaware River for greener pastures. County government officials, it is your time to decide which economic way is the right way in balancing the county budget for your citizens and your employees.




14 Responses to County wrong to add more to unemployment line

  1. Curious says:

    Worst part of this, is Magazzu did this on purpose.
    He told the county department heads at a meeting in early 2009 that 2010 would be a bad budget year.
    That was before he did the tax cut to help his re-election. County employees are expendable in his world. It just shows the appreciation he and Thompson have for the UAW and all their efforts to help them get elected last year.

  2. Maybe it’s time for the county employee’s to get out of the UAW and go with a union that cares about everyone in there Union.There are other unions that represent Government and civil service personal.N.J.Civil Service Association Cumberland Counci 18 is a very good Union .President Debbie Herman from Millville will go head to head and will give you good representation.Something to think about.Plus they do not get involved in politics.

  3. jobba says:

    You found a union that does not get involved in politics? Yikes !

  4. god help us says:

    Lou is taking 55 county out of work, but let the Sheriff hire one retired Vneland Police Sgt. at the Sheriff Department. And got rid of Bill Garrison and Buck the buckup Dog….. : {

  5. Yes jobba council 18 dosen’t endorse any polition not like the UAW.They will let them come to there meeting to here what they have to say .But will not ask the members to endorse anyone.They feel that is there choice and they have that wright to vote the way they see fit.I’am sorry but maybe those members of the UAW should consider a change.Look what happened to some of the County employee’s in the last several years.What did the UAW do for them when they spoke up.NOTHING if I’am wrong then will somebody correct me.

  6. Lobster Claws says:

    Smells like Socialism in here!

  7. WuLi says:

    Hey Lobster – long time, no see!

  8. jobba says:

    Wish I could afford some Lobster but Lou took all of my money. 😦

  9. Interested Party says:

    Why did Lou remove his family information from his bio ( on the county website? Did he disown his children?

  10. Calhoun says:

    That is odd. The bio used to include the following: “Wife: Carmele. Five children: Louis, Jennifer, Joseph, Andrew and Juliana.” All the other freeholder bios have their personal information at the end. Perhaps an unintentional deletion?

  11. JamesRSauro says:

    One day the UAW will come to the conclusion that they are being used for their money and support. They will be given just enough to keep them in place. They will also hopefully realize that the D’s insipid spending caused this problem. The leadership is so poor that if this continues the county will be bankrupt. As for Calhoun’s comment “unintentional” It might be intentional.

  12. Hang 'em High says:

    JIm you are usually right on track, but I think you miss the point on this one. The UAW LEADERSHIP is as culpable in this as Lou Magazzu and his cronies. The rank and file are kept in the dark by these “leaders” who suck the dues dollars out of the workers’ paychecks and then sell them down the river. Unfortunately the UAW is one of many labor unions just like this. And the beat goes on…..

  13. Deep Throat says:

    It was intentional. Staff was ordered to remove wife & children by Magazzu.

  14. Deep Throat says:

    Magazzu is ordering numerous layoffs and furloughs. He still feels he is the top priority. He is having his second county office repainted. He has an office downstairs & another uostairs at the Administration building. The freeholder director never had two offices before. Now that is shared pain.

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