County Democrats do not want to hear you!

At the end of last week’s Freeholder meeting – the budget introduction meeting where Freeholder Lou Magazzu – Director of Finance – was inexplicably absent – something occurred that may have slipped some people’s radar. Assistant Director Joe Pepitone ended the meeting with these words, “There will be no public comments.”

Yep, the Democrat-controlled Freeholder board does not want to hear what you say. That is truly sad – it is not government by the people, for the people.  We have government crammed down your throat and and your input is not welcome.


3 Responses to County Democrats do not want to hear you!

  1. Gilgamesh says:

    Does this attitude really surprise you?

    How can answers be given without the Mouth of the South, Boss Lou, there to provide them to us insignificant masses? I can see him in his Sponge Bob PJ’s with his Crayola’s coloring in his budget gleefully sipping hot chocolate and saying, “One for the County; three for me!”

    This is just more double speak from these clowns. Does anyone recall the open meetings with public comments. We will leave no stone unturned… as long as that stone isn’t our wages or benefits. Because we are the lowest paid freeloaders in the state! County workers are too, but that doesn’t count. We are not workers we are the chosen class.

    FORCING the county workers to VOLUNTARILY “give back” + County worker layoffs + county residents loss of services = Shared Sacrifice

    Note the freeloaders sacrifice nothing in this equation.

  2. JamesRSauro says:

    Did you notice that the newspapers didn’t push the issue. Again our local yo cal newspapers gave them a pass. Why would you want the public to question anything ? Why would you want a dialogue with people that might have suggestions to solve the problem? It’s called ignorance and pride. They were worried that they wouldn’t have the answers that’s the ignorance. They didn’t want the public to know they didn’t have the answers. That is pride. Let’s see what round 2 brings.

  3. Gilgamesh says:

    We don’t have newspapers. We have independent PR sources for Lou and his crew.

    If we had real journalists stones would get turned over instead of covered up. Even if these boobs were to look into anything, as soon as Lou told them there was nothing to see; they would move on. Like good little kids.

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