Lou absent once again

Where the hell is Lou? I have heard rumblings that he has been AWOL from the County Democratic Organization – leaving Nancy Sungenis to carry the workload.  This is an organization that he ruled with an iron fist for over a decade.

More recently, he was absent from a very important vote. Lou was irresponsibly absent from the initial budget vote, a vote which will result in higher tax payments despite there being no “increase”.

Cumberland County freeholders introduced a budget Thursday night with the same tax levy as last year.

The $143,181,065 spending plan calls for a tax levy of $82,938,491, county officials said.

However, the tax rate may increase slightly because a decrease in ratables means the county apportionment rate – the figure upon which each municipality’s county tax rate is based – will rise by a little more than 1 cent to compensate for the loss, Freeholder Bill Whelan said.

Freeholders already have moved to lay off 34 employees and cut 20 vacant positions to deal with anticipated financial shortfalls of more than $4 million.

Of course these layoffs haven’t prevent the incompetent Sheriff Austino from hiring friends from the Vineland Police Department, and he STILL has two undersheriffs whereas the former sheriff was able to do the job much better with only one undersheriff.

But back to the question at hand – where is Lou? Neighbors say they don’t see him at his house in Vineland. His yard is a mess – of course it always was a mess. Apparently he doesn’t know how to use a lawnmower.

Someone told me that Lou was headed to Chicago to sell solar power?  Speaking of solar energy – has anyone seen the big sign in front of Newcomb Hospital? Just what exactly IS the deal between Tony Danza and Lou Magazzu? How does Neustadt fit in? Is Lou leaving town to avoid prosecution? These are all questions to which we are eagerly awaiting answers.


8 Responses to Lou absent once again

  1. Maybe Lou is vacationing with the President and his family.

  2. County Worker says:

    Thats nice Lou has no b_ _ _ s to show up at the freeholders meeting.Of course these layoffs haven’t prevent the incompetent Sheriff Austino from hiring friends from the Vineland Police Department, and he STILL has two undersheriffs whereas the former sheriff was able to do the job much better with only one undersheriff. Let me tell you Austino is not running the Sheriff’s Department it’s Norman.

  3. amused says:

    Maybe he is skipping out on his child support payments.
    He sure liked to attack others for imaginary lack of support.

  4. Calhoun says:

    I have heard the same rumor about Lou getting into solar energy. I guess it’s not too much of a leap to switch from hot air to hot sun. Or maybe a lot of hot air is needed to sell people on solar energy. Either way Lou may be the man for the job.

    I don’t profess to really know exactly what’s going on here but here are some dots that I choose to connect. If Lou is really thinking about picking up and moving to Chicago (note to self: rewrite the Beverly Hillbillies theme song replacing “Jed” with “Lou” and “crude,” “oil” black gold” and “Texas tea” with “solar energy”), the company involved probably isn’t Danza’s (Danza Solar Energy Group, LLC) but Lincoln Renewable Energy, LLC (LRE).

    Whereas Danza’s company is associated with putting solar panels on existing structures, LRE (based in Chicago) wants to get into “solar farming” where the panels are placed on the ground. LRE has a proposal to build a solar farm in Mannington, Salem Co. I have also been told they have plans for another facility here in the county in Fairfield Twp. (maybe it will bring Cohaney and Zirkle together – doubtful!). Right now the company is just buying land. The stumbling block for LRE is the N.J. Board of Public Utilities’ requirement that solar projects be tied into (or readily tied into) the current grid system. I think this means they have to be within four miles of a substation. In April, 2009, LRE requested that the NJ BPU lift this restriction, and I am not sure whether the success of the two LRE proposals in Salem and Cumberland Counties is tied to the lifting of this restriction. Nonetheless whenever the topic of energy and politics comes to mind, things always start to smell fishy. What kind of fish you ask? The Edward H. Salmon kind. (Of course, if the requirement is lifted that solar projects not have to tie into the grid systems you know who will likely pay to do it – we the taxpayers.)

    Fast Eddie is a former BPU President (he was charged with ethics violations while in that capacity) and also Chair of the New Jersey Affordable, Clean, Reliable Energy Coalition (NJ ACRE). As Chair of NJ ACRE he has pushed for more state subsidies for solar energy. Thus, I can’t help but think that Salmon has something to do with this. After all, if Lou is out of Cumberland Co. politics then maybe Fast Eddie will have a bit more clout given that the primary conduit to Norcross and Camden Co. (i.e, Big Lou) will have been severed.

    All in all, who knows who’s helping Lou with this Chicago connection, maybe it’s Salmon, maybe it’s Danza or someone from Archetto Construction (where the late Brody was involved). Regardless, the idea of Lou being a salesman for anything other than himself is laughable. Hiring him would not be money well spent.

    As to Deep Throat’s recent post that the deletion of Lou’s family information was not unintentional as I had suggested earlier, I too have since heard that all is not well in paradise out on Dante Avenue, and that Lou did indeed request the material be deleted. All of this brings the following song lyric from the Dire Straits to mind: “Money for nothing and your chicks for free.” If Lou does head out to the Windy City I suggest the song from the band Paper Lace: “The Night Chicago Died.”

    Let’s Go Flyers! Beat the Blackhawks! (Lou’s new team?)

    Our loss is Chicago’s gain. No wait! I got that backwards!

    As to the Neustadt connection. I rather suspect Rabbi Neustadt (T.S. Bridgeton Gary that’s his title and I am going to use it) may have been angling for the education provider for the Newcomb Hospital site proposal should the collaboration with UMDNJ connection not work out. I quote from Daniel Walsh’s article in the Press from 17 Aug. 2009: “Danza’s idea for a medical school still lacks one key entity: A university with whom to partner. He said the school could start without an affiliation to an existing university but that he prefers to have one.”

  5. Hang 'em High says:

    If it is indeed true (oh hope upon hope) that Sir Louie is going to relocate to Chicago, THE DRINKS ARE ON ME!!!!!!!

  6. Hang 'em High says:

    Oh wait – Hold the Bus – Does that mean that Joe Veight, Clair Miller, Don Rainear and the rest will have to actually APPLY for and be Qualified for and Perform their jobs??? Oh my now THAT would be something.

  7. Demo Joe says:

    If Nancy and Don Olbrich are their, Lou does not have to be there. They will report to him with in minutes!!
    Bet they do not miss these meetings like many others.

  8. Gilgamesh says:

    I will fork over the first $50 towards a first class ticket for this low class ass….

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