Finch replaces Miller

As this blog has predicted, Dale Finch was named to replace Misono Miller as Director of the Office of Aging and Disabled.

Dale L. Finch of Millville is the new director of the Office on Aging and Disabled.

Jack Surrency of Bridgeton is the new Mental Health Services administrator.

Finch, a Millville city commissioner, is back on familiar ground — he previously served as both assistant director and director of the Office on Aging and Disabled.

He started the new position Friday at an annual salary of $67,000.

Finch replaces Misono Miller, who retired Jan. 31 after running the office for more than two decades.

County government said it had 19 applications for the position. Finch was among five people the freeholder Personnel Committee interviewed.


5 Responses to Finch replaces Miller

  1. jobba says:

    Who should have gotten the jobs?

  2. Gilgamesh says:

    Let’s start with someone that isn’t recycled from the same tired list of Friend’s of Lou…

  3. Bridgeton Gary says:

    I thought experience was a good thing. Can you say Marchand?

  4. Guess-Who says:

    Clueless in Cumberland County would FIT most of the Citizens & Elected & Appointed Officials.

    Which of these three do U fit the Mold is the ?

  5. jobba says:

    So who should get the job? Really? b-Gary may be on to something. Why is it whenever we object to a Lou move we have no viable alternative. Saw this one coming a mile away and didn’t have someone out front to bid for the job. Not right.

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