What’s going on with HSAC?

Yesterday, announcements were made about two new hires in the county. MWatch predicted all along that Finch would be given the Office of Aging. That is what it is.

But there was a reference in the article that we would like clarification on.

Jack Surrency of Bridgeton is the new Mental Health Services administrator. Surrency, who was elected to Bridgeton City Council last month, starts his post as Mental Health Services coordinator on June 14 at an annual salary of $65,000.

Is the Department of Mental Health the only position that Surrency is filling? If so, how can Lou Magazzu defend the obscene salary when Ethan Aronoff held not only the position as Administrator of the Mental Health Board, but was also Coordinator of the Human Services Advisory Council. When Ethan retired, according to NJ State Records, Ethan’s salary was $67,352.

Jack has been on the public dole in numerous positions throughout his career, and surprise, surprise, he is good friends of Al “Fighting Poverty and Starting with Me First”  Kelly.

Once again, another political friend has been selected to fill a public position. A word to those seeking employment in the county, if you are not a friend of Lou Magazzu, you cannot get hired.

However, the question remains – is Jack going to fill the empty slot of HSAC Coordinator? If not, who, and how much more money will the county spend at a time when employees (mostly those not loyal to Lou) are being fired left and right?


One Response to What’s going on with HSAC?

  1. Deep Throat says:

    Jack Surrency ia being hired at $65,000.00 a year plus benfits to handle the mental health responsibilities. A package worth over $90,000.00.
    This in place of Ethan Aronoff who was paid a stipend of $12,000.00 to do the Mental Health portion of the HSAC job.
    The HSAC position still must be filled.
    This is at a time when the county employees are facing massive layoffs
    Jobs for political pols and the hell with the county workers and taxpayers.

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