Wishful Thinking

According to Matt Gray of The News of Cumberland County, who I understand spoke to Lou, it is a false alarm. The maggot says he has no intention of resigning. That’s good.  What would I do with my time if he resigned?


17 Responses to Wishful Thinking

  1. Curious says:

    I am guess you could throw a hell ofa party.

  2. WuLi says:

    Okay – I am not sure what to do with an email I just received. It names names, and gives a lot of details. It came from a county employee. It refers to “scuttlebutt” going around amongst county employees.

    It says basically that 1) Lou’s computer was confiscated and he was told to clear his office (I didn’t know you could fire an elected official); 2) that Lou is having an affair with a county employee; 3) Lou will be resigning later this week and Pepitone will take over as Freeholder Director.

    This is unconfirmed, and purely rumor. I left out names and other personal info that would drag others into the mess. Unlike Lou Magazzu, I do not drag people’s family life into a debate. But then Lou has no moral scruples.

    So the question remains – is Lou resigning, or not? According to sources, Lou said he has no intentions to resign. But then again, his lips were moving.

  3. jobba says:

    “What would I do with my time if he resigned?”

    Probably just drink yourself silly and blame everything on the replacement.

  4. OH YES says:

    If this is true let’s have a big a&& party…….

  5. Really says:

    To hard to believe…

    Was it Don O. or Nelson???

  6. Byelou says:

    Maybe it’s time.
    Long-term Infidelity.
    Wiped his Wife and five kids off the map.
    A sugar daddy on the public payroll.
    Owes the NJ mob more than a few favors.
    Can’t account for his NACO gifts.
    Can’t account for anything.
    Lacks ethics and an ability to tell the truth.
    Bye, Lou. Your time has come.

  7. Guess-Who says:

    The News that I was told tonight doesn’t BODE well for some ELECTED Officials here in Cumberland County,NJ.

  8. Curious says:

    Iam Curious if you will find time to cover his trial.

  9. “maggot?” is that any way to refer to an elected official, even if you don’t like him/her. Is that anyway to refer to anyone in a public forum?

    And, one need not look to far to find out that no freeholder gets a free car or government-provided car. ask the county administrator for county mileage sheets and one can find the amount freeholders and other county officials are reimbursed for traveling on county business.

    Failing that, one need only ask.

    but I guess that’s just too much trouble. Sounds nicer when one insinuates that an elected official gets a free car and free servicing of that car despite all evidence to the contrary. and it aves all that troubling journalist stuff like research and checking facts before publishing an allegation of potentially illegal activity by an elected official.

    I see MW hasn’t changed its stripes. Still talking NACo even after a new, Republican administration hasn’t really picked up the ball on it.

    I do expect that MW honor its pledge not to release email address information contrary to last year’s release of mine in violation of your own rules.

    I post with trepidation and fear that the promise won’t be kept. After all, who goes and refers to another as “maggot” so cavalierly. Releasing an email address, regardless of the chilling effect that such an action it has on the MW’s allegedly open and honest dialogue, shows the same disregard for personal integrity as does calling another maggott” in a public forum. Why not just go to a freeholder meeting and call him “maggott” to his face and be done with it?

  10. awaiting moderation? how did “maggott” get through moderation?

    wow. so much for open and honest, much less free, dialogue.

    then again, I see what other blogs are doing to Obama, not in any way to compare Magazzu to President Obama, by ay stretch of the imagination. but it shows the same class, or lack thereof. the level of discourse is hitting an all-time low in my lifetime.

  11. WuLi says:


    Nobody said that Lou is getting a free car at county expense. Too bad you left your ability to report honestly at the same door you dropped your credibility.

    You are on Lou’s payroll – or at least were. We posted your pay stubs. Answer me this Batman! Why are the only people that defend Lou Magazzu those that have been on the receiving end of his largess?

  12. Calhoun says:

    Miles, the name ” The Maggot” has been applied to Lou for a long time — a lot longer than Magazzu Watch. So yes, it is a way to refer to a public official. Salmon earned his nicknames, “Fast Eddie” and “The Fish”, and Lou has earned his, including, The Maggot (as well as Lou Magoo, Magazoo, and Jabba the Freeholder). Welcome to 2010 Miles, where we not only talk this way, but also write this way in posts. Would I write letter to the editor using “The Maggot”? No, but fora to me are closer to chat at a bar than a letter to the editor. Sometimes I think things go too far and have said so, but I don’t think “The Maggot” is going too far. Whenever, someone refers to “The Maggot” around me, I know exactly to whom they are referring, and when you get right down to it, that’s what language is all about.

  13. […] his shortcoming well. This proves that not everything has to degrade . . . Speaking of character, Miles Jackson is back on the scene. I agree with him on this issue, although I do not respect his character much . . . Paul McCartney […]

  14. Guess-Who says:

    What’s new with U?

    Lou or Who has u employed?

    Are U working for Lou’s Party again this yr?

    Have U heard any New Music lately?

    Here is a Tune that U & Lou can Listen too
    (It’s Ur Decision) The name of the Band IS
    Alice-in-Chains, Enjoy the Music!

    It is the Perfect Song for Lou with All this SPECULATION of a DEPARTURE to the Windy City.

    Checks and Balance make the County a Better Place

  15. Curious says:

    I am Curious why Miles Jackson comes back to comment when there is a good chance that Magazzu is soon to be gone.
    I am Curious if Magazzu has called him for free PR again.
    I am Curious if Miles Jackson is being sucked in again.
    I am Curious if he is delusional enough to believe the Magazzu will ever give him the PR work at the CCIA?
    I am Curious why he wasn’t honest last time that his real purpose for writing all those pieces for Maggotzoo was for a job Maggotzoo promised him.
    I am Curious when Miles lost his integrity.
    For that I am not Curious, But deeply Sad 😦

  16. jobba says:

    I am curious what job Curious was promised that they didn’t get.
    I am curious if Curious is jealous of Miles and a closet journalist.
    I am curious if Curious has a personal connection with the CCIA or is just a Wymbs fan.

    I am curious why Curious is so bitter.
    Curiouser and Curiouser !

  17. Curious says:

    No, I am only Curious because Mr. Jackson was quite upset that he did not get the job Lou promised him at the CCIA. I am Curious because Miles claimed he was only doing his Magazzu promotion for the betterment of the county.
    I am Curious that Mr.Jackson reappears after 6 months .
    I am Curious about a man who was once a reasonably good reporter becoming a mouthpiece for a person he truly despised.
    I am Curious why Jobba would think I am bitter.
    I am Curious why these questions would make one think I would be a Mr. Wymbs fan.
    I am just Curious how disfunctional this county has become under Magazzu.
    I am Curious if Mr. Jackson will honestly answer these issues or not.

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