Lou continues underhanded politics in Upper Deerfield

Lou Magazzu has corrupted the entire County with his political machine, and he is showing no signs of slowing down. I wrote about his vile campaign against long-time Democrat Bruce Peterson – taking his name off of the Democratic ballot in the upcoming primary.  Even though there are two slots to be filled, they left Bruce’s slot empty. This was, of course, pure retribution because Bruce dared speak up against Lou’s dirty brand of politics.

An insider contributor suggested back then that Lou would launch a write-in campaign to ensure that Bruce is not on the ballot come November. Well, it seems this is happening.

A group (Clair Miller, Joe Veight, Bob Felmey, Kevin McCann…are likely accomplices) have staged an absentee ballot write in for John Timberman. If their write in campaign is successful and John Timberman along with the party’s candidate, Rodger Clark will be the candidates in November.

This is obviously an overt union move into Cumberland County,  orchestrated by Nelson Thompson and Magazzu.  It is very important to contact all your friends in Upper Deerfield who are independents or registered D’s to ask them to show up on Tuesday, June 8th, to cast their ballot for Bruce Peterson. If not, then UD will go the way of the corrupt county machine.


13 Responses to Lou continues underhanded politics in Upper Deerfield

  1. jobba says:

    Are you suggesting that the UNIONS aren’t in the county already? Isn’t Pepitone a union rep for the teachers?

  2. WuLi says:

    Jobba – two words. “Reading Comprehension”.

    The entire post is about the unions being in the county – THIS post, if you understood basic English – is a warning that the unions and Lou and Nelson are not happy controlling the county, now they want to infiltrate ALL of the townships with Lou’s dirty brand of politics.

  3. Curious says:

    I am Curious that Lou swore to the Bridgeton paper that he was not involved with going after Peterson in the primary.
    I am Curious since he was personally calling people to strong arm them to run against Peterson.
    I am Curious because he claimed he was only taking him off the line because of his contempt for Peterson.
    I am Curious why he is now organizing this campaign against Peterson.
    I guess I should not be Curious that he lied again.

  4. jobba says:

    Wuli, why are you so aggressive? Every time it’s the same with you. Lou this , Lou that, always Lou. If there is a write in campaign, write in Peterson. Get both of your supporters to motivate their six friends to do the same. Oh right, they don’t vote in UD. sorry, never mind. Move along, nothing to see here.

  5. Gilgamesh says:

    Jobba, if you haven’t noticed this site seems to be geared towards monitoring Lou’s activities and highlighting his insanity. Thus the name magazzuWATCH. I am going to suggest that’s why it’s Lou this and Lou that. If it discussed the acitities of anyone else it would probably be called (fill-in-the-blank) watch… I’m just saying….

  6. jobba says:


    Thanks. I thought it was “Watch Me Wuli Watch”. My mistake.

  7. mango says:

    Jobba, if there’s nothing to see here, why are you looking? Apparently almost 2,000 different viewers feel differently — that’s how many people looked at this blog yesterday.

    I share the hope of others that Lou may indeed be at the end of his rope, but the Upper Deerfield situation suggests his poisonous influence persists. Bruce Peterson has been an admirable public servant. His only “sin” was to go up against Lou. He and the other Independent Leaders have been maligned and castigated by Lou, and the regular Democrats cower in deference to their Leader. Bruce, Jen, and Jane showed tremendous courage in their Independent run, motivated by their first-hand knowledge of Lou’s misdeeds and the desire to bring clean politics to the County. After the last election, my reaction is that the electorate, and especially the Unions, are getting what they deserved. But that may be too harsh a judgment. Lou has wielded power ruthlessly, and many people are afraid of him. Let us all hope that the end is truly in sight.

  8. Calhoun says:

    Indeed the regular Democrats have indeed done a terrible disservice to the County in not standing up to but rather standing with Lou. The list of Lou defenders is too long to mention here so let’s just mention the few County Dems that stood up to him: Christy, Peterson, Swift, Casella. I hope these are given a role in the post-Lou era.

    The rest of the Democratic establishment in this county stinks to high heaven. Oh sure, they’re all out there now criticizing Lou, taking his number out of their cell phone directories, and telling you they never liked him anyway. However, where the hell were they when Lou was bullying everyone and anyone who dared stand up to him? They were all out there defending Lou. Besides the five Dems on the freeholder board there was also Salmon (quoted on billboards throughout the County about how great the administration was during last year’s campaign; criticized the Independent run during a Democratic dinner in 2009), Van Drew (also all over billboards last year telling us the Lou had done more this County than anyone), Finch (bragged about the adminstration in Democratic videos; did Lou’s bidding at CCIA and City Commission), Quinn (also bragged about the adminstration and did Lou’s bidding in Millville); Sweeney (pressured the Independents to get out), Kelly (blech too much to mention), Claire Miller (the quinintessential Lou sycophant, still pulling crap in Upper Deerfield), Sungenis (released a letter calling the Independents traitors — please no crap about how you didn’t sign it since you never went public with that tidbit) — eh like I said the list is too long to make complete.

    As we enter the end game with Lou, I find all the bad I felt for Lou not going away but being transferred to these leaders who could have done something but did not. You folks enabled Lou and allowed him and his crapola to run this County a lot longer than it ever would have been had you stood up. The Democratic Party needs a thorough scrubbing. It starts with getting Lou out, but it does not end there. Wash, rinse, repeat, again and again and again.

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention a couple of Rs that also were Lou enablers: Fran Reilly and Romano. You guys really take the cake — Republicans that helped Lou!

  9. Bridgeton Gary says:

    Mango, 2000 viewers is a lot if it’s true. I know I look at the site like I look at a car wreck. You don’t really want to see a mangled body but you drive slowly and look anyway. Don’t confuse curiosity with agreement. Every time I grouse about MW having a biased agenda and no real solution or when I agree with other posters I get the push back. The push back isn’t legit if it’s all from a tiny group of fewer than 6 people. Sometimes I think you just telegraph your parties plans, in advance, to Lou. How easy is that? Lou just signs on, checks out the competition, makes his adjustment and you lose again. Feel free to continue but don’t kill the messenger.

  10. JamesRSauro says:

    As all of you know I’m not a democrat. Usually I don’t care what happens between democrat and democrat. But what is happening here is affecting all the citizens of Cumberland County. So now I care. Lou is a want a be. He wants to be a Norcross of Cumberland County. It’s interesting that some of the names in Calhoun’s letter are the ones that behind closed doors will tell you how much they dislike Lou, but are afraid if they stand up to him they will loose their appointments and health care benefits. A person will only have power over you if you let them. Keep making these things public. In time it will make a difference. Some people are hoping that people will get discourage and give up the fight to make things better. Will you ??????

  11. mango says:

    Bridgeton Gary, don’t know what you mean by “your parties plan”. I’m a Democrat, just not a Magazzu Democrat. However, the goings on the county make one yearn for integrity, whether it be in the form of a Democrat or a Republican. Of course not everyone who looks at this website agrees with us, but it would be wrong to dismiss the Magazzu opposition as a handful of people as jobba does when he/she says, “Get both of your supporters to motivate their six friends to do the same.” In terms of the MW agenda, the effort in the past 18 months has been to call attention to Lou and what we regard as his ethical lapses, his mean-spirited dismissal of anyone who challenges him, and his incompetent and self-serving governance. I believe we have succeeded in getting people’s attention.

  12. jobba says:

    Mango, I think B-Gary thinks you are mostly Republican. I know there were some Millville Democrats but there have been plenty of Republican contributors and probably insiders in these comments.

  13. Calhoun says:

    Bridgeton Gary, there is a wreck here all right, but it is not this site, its adminstrators, or its regular posters. The wreck here is Magazzu and what he has done to this this County. This site has done a great service to expose him when the mainstream media would not. I too am a Democrat, but, unlike many local Democrats (e.g., Quinn, Salmon, Simmerman), who are on record as becoming Democrats because (at the time) it was easier to personally advance in the Democratic Party than it was in the Republican Party, I am a Democrat because the party’s ideals and positions are closer to mine. However, character means something to me, as well. As a result, I cannot support many local or state Democrats as I find them terrible on the character front. Some I like but will struggle supporting because they stood on the sidelines and did nothing (or worse supported) while Lou gained a stranglehold on political power in the County.

    Also B-Gary you claim that the push back you get from your comments isn’t legit if it just coming from a few people. Baloney. If the pushback effectively rebuts your position, then it is most certainly legit, even if it comes from only one person.

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