Lou Magazzu = Lindbergh Baby?

This amusing piece was in the Ben Column today.

Lou Magazzu is missing.
What he should know is that this has caused more controversy than anybody else’s disappearance since the Lindbergh baby kidnapping.
You wouldn’t believe the people who have e-mailed us looking for the answer.
Let’s ponder this for a moment.
If we can’t find him, the county government, as we know it, falls apart.
He is the government.
Asking the rest of the freeholders to take over is asking a little much.
A Democrat would have to be appointed in his place.
But, who?
Bruce Peterson?
Not likely, although his experience would be helpful.
Doug Rainear is not available.
What would happen to the CCIA board?
With Lou gone, would the makeup
Would Steve Wymbs come back as executive director?
What about the unions being asked to take a pay freeze?
Would layoffs be cancelled?
Lou has so much to do with county government that we can’t imagine that body without him.
We know Carl Johnson can.
We know Jane Christy can.
Lou is like Elvis.
He has been spotted everywhere.
Getting a divorce.
Getting sued.
Getting arrested.
Some people can’t contain their glee.
“The bully is gone?!’’
Be careful what you ask for.

You see, the fallacy is that Lou has to be there to hold things together. That is the mark of a poor manager or administrator.  A good manager appoints or hires qualified individuals, and then allows them to do their jobs with the least amount of interference. Under King Lou, nobody is allowed to have an opinion differing from his, and hence their hands are tied and they are not allowed to function properly in their role.

Isn’t THAT why Joe Pepitone is Assistant Freeholder Director? And therein lies the crunch.  Joe is a hell of a nice guy.  I like Joe a lot, and I don’t know of anyone that has ever uttered a bad word about Joe. But I don’t think he is comfortable making decisions in Lou’s absence. We do not live in a monarchy, and the fact that even Lou’s greatest supporters are admitting that Cumberland County is a one-man show gives greater urgency to correcting this problem.

17 Responses to Lou Magazzu = Lindbergh Baby?

  1. Guess-Who says:

    Joe Pepitone makes this statement at the last Freeholder Meeting in which he Chaired because of Lou’s absence.
    “The Public don’t ask any Questions”
    This pertaining to the County Budget.

    Wasn’t L Magazzu Mr. Pepitone & Rainear’s Campaign Manager for their last Election Bid for Freeholder.

    Didn’t Travis Horne Bill this Campaign for $200.00 for Work on the Campaign
    There is a U-Tube video that has Lou’s Name at the End as the.
    I’ll look for the Link.

    Checks and Balance make the County a Better Place

  2. Calhoun says:

    “He [Lou] is the government” according to Jack. And therein lies the problem. When one person becomes “the government” we no longer have a government, have have (as Carl noted) a monarchy. I’ll give you credit Hummel, you’re loyal to the end. I know, I know, Jack, you like Lou because he “slurps his coffee.” Well, Jack that’s not all he’s been slurping.

    Hmmm, better clarify that last point. Lou’s been slurping the life out of this county. Let’s just hope there’s some left before he finally gets out. Time for Lou to follow the advice of a Republican (albeit a liberal one), Horace Greeley: “Go west…man, go west.” Slurp your coffee, etc. out there.

  3. Chicago Bound says:

    The county ran fine for 250 years before Magazzu came along. It will do even better without him.
    He will fit in well in “the Windy City & the Windbag
    Perfect Together.”

  4. jobba says:

    Didn’t I see Carl with a ladder near the back of Lous house the other day?

  5. Come on Joe gets some b—-s and do the job you were voted in to do.Your a big guy don’t be a puppit anymoore.That also goes for the rest of the freeholder board.Lets see a change, work for the people.We deserve better.

  6. Chicago Bound says:

    The Lindburfh baby and Lou have one thing in common.
    They are or were both big babies.

  7. WuLi says:

    There are a few freeholders that have a heart to serve the public. I know tom Sheppard, and can vouch that he is a diplomat, a gentleman, and he serves.

    I know Pepitone, and is a hell of a nice guy. I just wish he would separate himself from Lou and take a stand.

    I had high hopes for Whelan, I don’t know him, but from all reports he is entirely competent. C’mon, Bill, stand up and do what you were elected to do.

    Jane is too beholden to Lou to ever take a stand. Dunkins has his special interests, I would hope that he would look out further than just the Bridgeton City Limits and serve ALL county residents. And Thompson is a union shill – sorry Nelson, but I have told you that. In your position, you are not for the working man, but for union leadership – after all, that is were the money is. Hey, I’ll still drink a beer with you!

    But I agree with Alex – we do have some talent on the board. Now we need some cojones.

  8. Guess-Who says:


    Alex & U r giving these 6 other Freeholders to much CREDIT with this statement,
    “We do have some talent on the board”.

    WHERE, WHO or WHOM has this persona of TALENT on the Freeholder Board?

    What have the 2 of U seen that most Citizens in Cumberland County have NOT been able to See from their Vantage Point?

    They(6 other Freeholders) are afraid of their own shadow most of the time & Rely on 1 WORD as they have PROVEN this Time after Time, Again & Again with their going along with their LEADER!

    The FACTS are Stubborn Things
    The Proof is in the Pudding.

    Who on this Freeholder Board has NEVER Questioned what Lou Magazzu has been doing?

    NOW tell us all again here at MW about this Talent U speak of…Just name something with SUBSTANCE that can Support this Theory.

  9. Exile on Pearl Street says:

    Funny how this post has given the BEN column an atomic wedgie. If one writes anything about King Louis I that does not positively glow, poor old BEN gets his panties (or is it adult diapers?) in a bunch. BEN seems to relish his role as King Louis’ water boy – attack poodle; hope he is rewarded well. Sadly, the column has dissolved into nothing more than a partisan pep rally for Cumberland Dems, as well as a venue for promoting BEN’s own curious follies. (Anyone remember his idea to rebuild Landis Ave. / Route 56 into a double-decker highway?) Anyway, keep up the good work with this website. At the very least, we get to see BEN react wildly with his childish hissy fits, which one must admit, is more entertaining than the usual gossip.

  10. Oinkforfreedom says:

    Indeed its not easy being a Democrat these day but then again what’s new.

  11. Sheriff's Officer says:

    Hey let me get some of the Officers to locate Lou. HEY RIGHT !!!! Who cares about him the FBI, NJSP ????

  12. Bridgeton Gary says:

    It’s Official !

    Lou owns Carl, Jane and Linda.

    They must feel like crap when they get their daily orders.

    Preview of Monday’s orders;

    1. Send another rumor to the BEN,
    2. Speculate about who will get the next job,
    3. Cry about ‘actual professionals’ getting
    4. Moan about the evil done by Paul while
    having to follow orders by closing MW.
    5. Piss all over anyone who doesn’t agree with
    you, (like your master would?)
    6. Drink until the problem is resolved in your
    mind at least.

    Did I miss anything? Do tell.

  13. Curious says:

    The staff is very Curious about the numerous closed door meetings at the administration building.
    The staff is Curious about the veil of silence that has fallen over the county administration.
    I am Curious why the directors downstairs office is being repainted. For someone new?
    We are Curious why freeholders are whispering that something big is about to happen.
    We are Curious why there is an emergency meeting of the freeholders this Thursday.
    We are Curious why everyone is deleteing Magazzu from their contact lists.
    We are Curious why the dems are looking for a new county chairman.
    We are Curious if the rumored indictments are about to be served.
    Guess we will have to be Curious just a little longer.

  14. Sheriff's Officer says:

    I just got the call from the Sheriff[I’m sorry not the real sheriff….it’s from Under-Sheriff Norman]. he is going to have Johnson, Morris and Maria to fine Lou, god help Lou they will never fine him they have no clue on what they are doing.

  15. Calhoun says:

    “Fine” or “find” Sheriff’s Officer? And if “find” why do they need to find him? If “fine” what are they fining him for?

  16. Calhoun says:

    Never mind Sheriff’s Officer, I now know you meant “find.” I think that “train a comin'” Carl mentioned will soon pull into the station. Also, that odorous stuff (keeping it clean on Sunday), I saw flying through the air a while back is nearly at its destination (the fan).

  17. JamesRSauro says:

    You can say what you want this guy Jack is correct. Lou is the county government. There is no democrat on the board to take over. They don’t know anything. Lou ruled. Bringing back Doug Rainear is a joke because he did what ever Lou told him to do. My guess is that democracy would finally take over. There may be chaos for a while due to the fact that Lou didn’t reveal all the goings on in the county. But we will survive it. Nelson Thompson is a want a be. My guess is if Lou does step down early he will try to be the big boss. But this is all conjecture. We still don’t know what will happen. And to this guy Jack. The statement “be careful what you ask for.” This would be the greatest move forward for the County of Cumberland. More voices, more ideas,and more participation from more people makes for better government.

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