Jennifer Swift speaks up about the CCIA fiasco

In a letter to the editor sent to several papers, Jennifer (Jenn, Jen) Swift sent the following:

To the Editor:
News “writer“, Anthony Bellano, was correct is using the word “boondoggle” in his story about the Cumberland County Improvement Authority. The CCIA is now indeed a boondoggle. With the arrival of a new $130,000 “consultant, with absolutely no experience in running a landfill, our rates are going up, up, up. This was predictable.
For years, under Steve Wymb’s leadership, the CCIA provided the best rates for local taxpayers, initiated and sustained one of the best recycling programs in the state, had an excellent bond rating, and was on the cutting edge of programs which benefited the community in many ways.
Now, the CCIA board will revert to running a “dump” in Deerfield.
In his “story”, Bellano states that Wymbs was “ousted” and has “all but disappeared”. It is my impression that the agreement between Wymbs and the CCIA board calls for no “badmouthing” between the parties. I guess it doesn’t count if you have the “newspaper” do it for you.
I can assure the “writer” that Steve Wymbs is alive and well and enjoying life again, after being put through years of aggravation. He is the true winner in the situation. We lose.
Jennifer Swift
Bridgeton, NJ
The bit in the papers about Wymbs “disappearing” is a red herring. Steve was relieved of his position, and is now in private life. Why should a private citizen feel compelled to make public appearances? This is a slanderous deception, most likely being made at Lou Magazzu’s insistence, to make it appear that there is something covert.
Wymbs has honored his agreement to not badmouth the authority or the powers that be.  However Lou and his boy Rainear cannot seem to honor any agreement.  they have begun, it seems, a campaign to slander Wymbs at any expense.
There seems to be a big stink over the bioreactor process not working.  Well, DUH!  They never completed the project, so of course it is not going to work! THEY made the decision to stop the project when it was nearly completed.
I am not an expert, and it does appear that some mistakes were made, and maybe the budget was overspent. However, using the bioreactor processes, aerobic and anaerobic, both work in speeding up the process of breaking down waste. If you do a search on both processes, you will find “experts” on both sides, lauding or denigrating the processes. One needs to dig further to see who is paying the “experts” on either side. I am neither – and perhaps the anonymous commissioner is correct, an audit does need to be performed by an unbiased outside source.
I am neither friend nor foe of Wymbs. However, when a newspaper article comes out with earthshaking news, and the bulk of the story is an essay of character assassination more than an expose of facts and figures, and when that character assassination in direct contradiction to a contractual  agreement reached by both parties – well something smells, and it ain’t in Denmark!

6 Responses to Jennifer Swift speaks up about the CCIA fiasco

  1. whatthe says:

    I felt compelled to comment on this article.
    Did anyone notice the reporter never interviewed any other sources for the article? I may be wrong on this, but I did not see any quotes. The reporter claimed Wymbs has missing. He never claimed to have reached out to him. It is strange that the article holds the former top employee responsible for any problems. Someone correct me if Iam wrong, but most of the board has been there for a number of years.
    They are the ones responsible to oversee the place.
    Time to clean house. Is this the same Rainear that ran Bridgeton into the ground over 20 years.
    Someone should call for forensic accounting on the Bridgeton Port or was it Pork project.
    If I am right, this is the same guy that tried get Bridgeton designated as Gotham City. Now who is the real Joker?

  2. mango says:

    Where, oh where, is Matt Dunn when we need him? OK, so we razzed Matt occasionally on MWatch, but I thought, on the whole, he kept his cool and responded with some equanimity. He probably did as well as he could in covering Magazzu and the freeholders, given the need for journalistic “balance” and the apparent policy of the Cumberland News to avoid too much controversy. I hear Matt is enjoying full time fatherhood in Delaware.

    Now, this Anthony Bellano is another matter. Where did he come from? As near as I can tell, he was reporting on high school/local sports on until his current gig with the Cumberland News. His article clearly implies wrongdoing on the part of Wymbs — especially the snipe about Wymb’s having “disappeared” and the use of the term “boondoggle”. I agree 100% with Wuli — the bioreactor process has its defenders, and it was foolish to halt it when it was 98 percent complete — why not give it a shot after the investment?

    Rainear and Veight, Tools of Lou, are more intent on destroying Wymbs — despite non-disparagement agreements — than serving the taxpayer. Of course, they will claim they didn’t disparage Wymbs — Anthony and the Cumberland News are responsible.

    We don’t know all of the facts regarding the process and whether it was an insane risk to go for it. At the time, there may have been a sound basis for decisions made. But now we have Anthony — judge, jury, and executioner — either willingly or unwillingly assisting Lou and his minions in the Wymbs character assassination, something at which Lou is well practiced. There is some speculation that this news “story” was intended to divert attention from Lou’s troubles and possible Escape from Cumberland County. We shall see…we can only hope.

  3. JamesRSauro says:

    1-when you find a reporter that actually researches
    and reports unbiasedly, Pllleeeease let me know.
    2-I could bet that this is all about making a case to justify the take over of the CCIA
    What better than to make it look like there was major mismanagement. Stay tune boys and girls. It’s only going to get more interesting.

  4. Bridgeton Gary says:

    Sounds like the BEN has a different opinion about Wymbs. Check out the editorial. Regardless which side you are on it’s compelling.

  5. Who knew? says:

    I suppose BEN wrote that editorial. Also, Bridgeton Gary sounds more like the author of BEN every day. If you’re not BEN, then you are out in left field and just as out of touch with reality as he is.

  6. jobba says:

    The BEN wrote an editorial that said some pretty bed stuff about how the CCIA probably wasted lots of money on the bio generator. Who thinks the CCIA was on top of this? Not me. I bet the CCIA simply had lots of cash flow so they didn’t care who got paid. In the end the economy exposed their loose ways. It’s easy to look back and say there was the problem. It’s harder to do it looking forward. The BEN is right, an audit is needed to set the record straight. If Wymbs can speak he should, if he can’t he should say so. Maybe if he receives the blessing from the Freeholders he can tell all. Maybe he has secrets and the last thing he wants to do is tell all. Good guy or bad guy, that’s a lot of cabbage to waste.

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