Peterson Wins in Upper Deerfield

Looks as if the rats don’t always win.  Bruce Peterson claimed victory in the Upper Deerfield primary despite the efforts of Magazzu and cronies to defeat him.  The Magazzu-controlled party refused to put his name on the Democratic ballot and even launched a write-in campaign to ensure that Bruce is not on the ballot in November.

Reportedly, Clair Miller ran up quite a phone bill telephoning Upper Deerfield residents and asking them to write in Joe Timberman’s name on the ballot.  It was reported Miller’s wife went door-to-door soliciting same.  Only it backfired.  Upper Deerfield residents who weren’t going to vote in the primary found this solicitation distasteful, and that was enough to get them to the polls to vote for Bruce.  WuLi speculated earlier that this failed effort was ” obviously an overt union move into Cumberland County,  orchestrated by Nelson Thompson and Magazzu. “

Congratulations, Bruce.   The best man won.


2 Responses to Peterson Wins in Upper Deerfield

  1. Calhoun says:

    Congratulations Mr. Peterson on your campaign victory. Oh and Mr. Miller, you already won the contest for the “All Time Biggest Lou Magazzu Sycophant” a long time ago. So, you can stop your campaign. There’s no need to be involved in these underhanded write-in efforts. Your title (Sycophant to King Lou) is safe regardless of the current shakiness of King Lou’s title.

  2. Oinkforfreedom says:

    Horray for Bruce. We win one over the Big Lou and the cronies. Very Groovey 🙂

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