RUMOR ALERT! Lou’s Offices Just Raided!

This just in, we heard through our grapevine that Lou’s offices had been raided this afternoon. It is purely at the rumor stage, presently. We will keep you informed!


11 Responses to RUMOR ALERT! Lou’s Offices Just Raided!

  1. Toldyouso says:

    Who will pick him up first?
    He can’t hide forever.

  2. Mall Ninja says:

    I heard the same thing last week about the Feds serving a warrant and casa del Lou. I refuse to believe any of these rumors anymore.

    These rumors are like snow forecasts when I was in grade school. I’ll believe it when its snowing! Or when I read it in black and white.

  3. WuLi says:

    You read it here in black and white…

  4. Mall Ninja says:

    True… but I want a bit more. While I appreciate your usually accurate sources. I will not pop the cork on the bubbly until I read a head line and see a photo with his fat mug in cuffs or at a court appearance.

  5. Calhoun says:

    Mall Ninja, while I would not pop the cork on your bubbly, I would start thinking about putting it on ice. Nobody likes warm champagne.

  6. Guess-Who says:

    Romano didn’t show for an Awards Ceremony Tonight.

    Maybe he is with Lou & Norcross at the Hockey Game, anyone know IF so?

    Right now the Odds are 50/50 about the Rumor on Lou Magazzu

    Can anyone Substantiate the Rumors with FACTS or some TRUTH on the Issue?

  7. It's Me says:

    Has he been arrested yet ?????????

  8. Bridgeton Gary says:

    This Just In………

    The F.B.I. confiscated a small box of photos depicting Lou Magazzu in a compromising position with Carl Johnson. There are six sets of fingerprints on them and a few DNA samples. The joint task force of the F.B.I. State Police and I.N.S. vow to get to the bottom of this conspiracy even if it takes all night. Stay tuned.

  9. Mall Ninja says:

    I figured it out. Lou promises step down and go away, far away FOREVER. The unions take the pay freeze. I would take that!

  10. Calhoun says:

    Mall Ninja, your hypothetical compromise involving Lou and others, including the unions, is plausible. And if the Dems were still in power throughout the state, I would say it would be a likely one. However, I am not sure the Christie (in case anyone has forgotten, this is the guy Lou said had a “glass jaw”) administration (or maybe even the feds) will be so charitable.

    Also, things are so bad financially, a six month pay freeze is not going to solve the problem. It’s going to take layoffs and pay freezes (maybe for years) to solve the county’s fiscal mess. Of course, the freeholders could help by not giving out so many contracts, but don’t hold your breath.

  11. Mall Ninja says:

    Lou doesn’t care about a long term solution. He is only capable of thinking in three years increments.

    I don’t blame the unions for not opening their contracts. Once they do, the county will never fix the real problems. They will just take money from the workers each and every time.

    I have found it interesting how everyone and everything else to blame except the politicians for this current situation.

    I still haven’t heard what Lou is doing to “lead” the way. Has he given up anything? How about the rest of the freeloaders?

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