Magazzu and Fran Smith staged their debate

In today’s Ben Column, a “disgusted county worker” claims the entire debacle at the freeholder meeting last week was staged.

“Shoulda been at the freeholders meeting Thursday night.
“Politics running like a well-oiled machine.
“The meeting opens with two sharp rebuttals from Lou Magazzu to Fran Smith, UAW president, that he was out of order after speaking out of turn.
“‘One more time and you’re escorted out.’ Magazzu said.
“Smith stayed silent until the portion of the meet ing for public comments on the recent round of layoffs county workers are facing.
“He apologized to Magazzu and the board about speaking out of turn.
“Smith gave his speech about how UAW bargaining unit workers are the ones to take the biggest hits, but, that only about roughly half are affected by the furlough days because the other half work in 24-hour operations.
“He explained that, for years, county workers worked for peanuts and now that a decent wage is being made, with a rate progression in place, the county wants give backs.
“Magazzu’s turn.
“‘With all due respect, if your ‘brothers and sisters’ of the UAW had done what we asked originally, the other unions would probably have followed suit and there would not have been any layoffs.’
“There was even a page shown with the timeline of communications between the county and the unions all the way back to November when all this started.
“What wasn’t said was that the list of names of the workers who are due to be laid off in this round of layoffs was leaked and most of the workers whose names are on that list already know, without being notified officially by the county, that they are getting laid off.
“Whether it was the union or the county who let the names out is a point for debate.
“Point being, if the UAW goes back now and has another meeting, which will be the third one, how do you think those workers whose names are on that list are going to vote?
“Fran Smith admitted in his speech that the vote was close last time when it was voted down.
“How many times do the workers have to say no.
“The point is, Magazzu and Smith staged the whole thing.
“The rebuttals from Magazzu, the speeches from both and the “one last plea” from the freeholders to the unions.
“The vote will now go the way Magazzu wants it.
“By the end of the meeting, Magazzu and Smith were joking with each other and laughing over the earlier awkwardness.
“I guess if you beat a horse long enough, he will finally break.’’
— disgusted county worker


9 Responses to Magazzu and Fran Smith staged their debate

  1. To you County Employee’s that are not happy with the UAW then in September you have a chance to go with another union.I don’t know if any one took notice last week but the AFLCIO spent TEH MILLION DOLLARS of your hard earned money on a primary and that person lost.New Jersey Civil Service Council 18 dose not endorse any polition.They have very good represention.The officers in that union do not go wild with your money.Debbie Herman from Millville is a very good President.So if you County UAW workers are thinking about another Union give Debbie a call.Great Union both for the employees and municpal government.

  2. Mall Ninja says:

    Really? The King and Fran staged something? I find that hard to believe. Lou’s is only capable of acting like he cares about the voter once every three years. And Fran can only act like he has his people’s best interests at heart. Like when they beat the bushes for votes last November. How did that work out for some of them?

  3. whatthe says:

    Magazzu’s fellow freeholders were blindsided again at the meeting. He and Fran did their little dog and pony show. Magazzu always the self centered ego maniac never informed the rest of the board what he intended to do. Most of the board can’t wait for him to leave. Remind’s one of why 6 of the 7 democrat former freeholders that served with him, did not support him last year. Only his lapdog Rainear backed him. But then, his brother Don had been begging for a job for over a year. Guess that worked.

  4. Bridgeton Gary says:

    Didn’t Lou hold a reception for Fran last year honoring him? Wasn’t it hundreds of dollars to go? Wasn’t Albano there along with every union Rep?

    Where is Nelson Thompson hiding? I heard he was running for Freeholder. Does MW know this? Do they care?

    Where is Joe Union Rep Pepitone hiding? I heard he was running for Freeholder also. Any takers?

    You can bet your bottom dollar the fracas was staged.

  5. Hang 'em High says:

    The county is a stage and King Lou is the star actor.

  6. WuLi says:

    B’ton gary – you confuzzle me. At first you appear to be a Lou apologist, now you appear to agree.

    Anyway – no matter – you add an important element to the site. At least you put thought into your responses.

  7. jobba says:

    So you like B-Gary now that he agrees with you? You are very bad.

  8. WuLi says:

    Like him? I don’t even know him! However, even if someone disagree with me, if they offer up a cogent argument, I appreciate that. That is something maybe you should consider.

    oh – sorry, you probably don’t even know the definition of ‘cogent’.

  9. GoGoCumCo says:

    Boy the tone on here the past week has been hostile!!

    Anyway, what of the rumors about Lou and an abrupt exodus….?? I’m hesitant to imagine a county free from his tyranny for fear it may never come true….

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