“Respect the process”

I don’t know if anyone caught the articles in the local papers recently about the fact that the Democrats aren’t really fielding a viable candidate for representative for 2nd district congressional election.

Yes, Frank is a formidable opponent. I suppose the state party wants to reserve their cash for races in which their candidate has a chance to win. And the current candidate was a Republican, later was an Independent, and now declares himself a Democrat. He must stand for something, what it is, I don’t know.

There was an interesting comment in one of the articles by Lou Magazzu. Lou stated “You have to respect the process”. I guess Lou has the same reservations about the candidate that I just expressed. If so, this would be one of the few occasions he and I agree.

But the statement “respect the process” is a mockery coming from his lips. If there is anything Lou does, “respecting the process” is not on the top of the list. For instance, Bruce Peterson, through the process, was duly appointed by the local Democrat party in his township to be on the party ticket.

Lou, furious, and acting like a petulant child, used his authority to deny Peterson his rightful slot on the ticket. Fortunately Lou’s tactic backfired, and Lou’s write-in campaign was a dismal failure. Bruce was elected.

The point is, in this case Lou blatantly disrespected “the process”, used his political power to corrupt “the process” – and all because of a personal grudge. It is clear that Lou is out for Lou, not for the betterment of the party and certainly not for the betterment of his constituents.


3 Responses to “Respect the process”

  1. OldTimeDem says:

    The purpose for Magazzu to not want a democrat candidate for congress is simple. The construction unions are loyal to LoBiondo. He gives them anything they want. He has a 100% pro trade union voting record. There are few democrats that can come close. The trade unions will be out working for LoBiondo.
    They have made it clear that they will not endorse any democrat for LoBiondo’s seat. That is why Van Drew will not challange LoBiondo.
    They will also work for the democrats. The Dems did not want a candidate that would split the endorsements of the trades.
    The other reason to not want a dem candidate for Congress is to supress the vote. If there is no one challangeing LoBiondo, the dems figure the Republican’s will stay home. Most voters do not care about freeholder races.
    It is never about democracy. It is how to manipulate to electorate.

  2. OldTimeDem says:

    I would not be too harsh on those that have been Republican. Independent and Democrat.
    Gloria Noto began as a Democrat.
    She switched to Independent and now is a Republican

  3. jobba says:

    I think Gloria was in the Bull Moose Party first some time around the turn of the century. (not the last one either!)Didn’t Teddy Roosevelt endorse her?

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