Lou Magazzu’s revisionist history

Greco calls on Magazzu to apologize to Kirstein

At last night’s Cumberland County Freeholder meeting Lou Magazzu chose to use the occasion to launch attacks against Republican candidate for Freeholder, Carl Kirstein.

At the meeting Kirstein, acting on a previous suggestion made by Freeholder Bill Whelan, approached the microphone and offered several specific areas where the Freeholder Board could save the taxpayers additional money. Magazzu, rather than accepting sound business advice immediately launched into an attack on Kirstein for cost saving measures he instituted as Mayor of Upper Deerfield Township nearly 20 years ago.

“Attempting to attack a former mayor’s record is one thing, but to use his own revisionist history to do so is another,” Cumberland County Republican Chairman Bob Greco said.

“I don’t know if Magazzu was upset that a business leader and proven cost-cutting mayor was standing at the microphone proving him wrong or if he simply loves creating his own version of history but he certainly owes Carl Kirstein an apology for his actions last night,” Greco stated.

“Cumberland County taxpayers deserve better than Lou Magazzu practicing the same old bully style politics and Corzine tactics,” Greco said. “After all, it is Lou Magazzu who is responsible for the mess our County is in.”


6 Responses to Lou Magazzu’s revisionist history

  1. OldTimeDem says:

    Amen Brother.

  2. mango says:

    It is absolutely disgraceful that a citizen cannot stand up and speak at a county freeholder meeting without being attacked by Magazzu and his freeholder minions.

  3. jobba says:

    Did Peterson object to the treatment?

  4. Calhoun says:

    Yes, Lou was rude and showed no respect to Carl Kirstein at the Freeholder Board meeting last night. But this is Lou we’re talking about. We shouldn’t be surprised when an ass acts like, well, an ass. Lou’s like those monkeys in the tropics that shit in their hands and throw it at anyone that they deem as threatening. Only Lou hurls verbal shit rather than actual shit. In Lou’s simian mind, Mr. Kirstein’s presence on the ballot as an R makes him the enemy and any testimony by Mr. Kirstein at the freeholder Board meeting is nothing more than political posturing.

    However, there were positives from last night’s meeting. The meeting actually had serious debate and discussion and votes on important matters that were (gasp!) not unanimous, with Pepitone voting against the budget and Whelan’s resolution on procedures for future budgeting. Jannarone and Dunkins also spoke out against the original wording of Whelan’s resolution, getting the verb “shall” to be replaced with “should” in several places.

    (Note to Whelan and Sheppard: you should have fought more for retaining the verb “shall” because that is the only way the resolution has teeth. By replacing “shall” with “should,” the resolution is meaningless as future freeholder boards have no legal requirement to keep the surplus at the desired rate of 10% of the current tax levy. Jannarone’s and Dunkins’ contention that such a resolution would hamstring future boards is bogus. Should a true financial exigency arise, then the freeholder board could choose to rescind the previous resolution forcing the surplus to be 10% of the current levy. But at least a majority of the Board would be forced to rescind. Alternatively, the “shall” language could have been retained but with a clause that would permit the surplus to dip below the 10% when the County is faced with a financial exigency , such exigency to be defined by the Board.)

    Also for the first time we got a look at how the rest (i.e., all but Magazzu) of the Board politically shakes out. Whelan and Sheppard are probably the most fiscally conservative (although both seem prone to go along with compromise), followed by Jannarone and Dunkins. Thompson and Pepitone come across as the most fiscally liberal and thus supportive of the unions. However, it is worth noting that only Pepitone voted against the budget that includes numerous numerous layoffs of County union employees.

    In summary, last night’s meeting actually had debate, amendments to resolutions, and some dissent during voting. This is exactly how government is supposed to work. The freeholders were all acting much more independent; they were no longer just Lou’s lackeys, providing another 9-0 vote.

    Last night’s meeting was perhaps (an argument can also be made for the previous freeholder meeting) the first freeholder board meeting of the post-Magazzu era in Cumberland County. Yeah, Jabba is still there with “Freeholder Director” on his nameplate, but Lou is in the twilight of his freeholder career. His political mojo is on the decline. Yes, he took some verbal shots at Mr. Kirstein, but I would liken them to the snorts from a bloodied bull at the end of the bullfight just before he collapses.

    Lou may still be sitting on the freeholder board but it and the County are moving on. Thank God.

  5. Calhoun says:

    7-0 vote not 9-0 vote. Sorry.

  6. If the rumors are tru, you would think that he would change his attatude towards life.But I guess this site has been right the whole time it’s all about Lou and HIS Democratic Party.If you don’t worship his feet and a sheep you are nothing.Some day when he is all alone and thinking what he has done to so many people it will be to late.All gone and then all he has left is God to answer to.That is sad.

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