CCIA looks into solar partnerships… now isn’t that convenient?

The word coming from some freeholders, and rumors from other sources indicate that Lou Magazzu told them he was not planning on finishing his term as freeholder. Lou pulled strings to oust Steve Wymbs, and continues to violate the termination agreement involving Wymbs by disparaging Wymbs publicly. Lou made sure that politcal paybacks were in order but having Don Rainear appointed to head the CCIA, despite his deplorable history of poor job performance at his other publicly funded jobs.

MagazzuWatch exposed Lou’s latest scam, a supposed alternative energy consulting  company – the website if full of embarrassing grammatical errors, and links that do not work. Hi company’s phone numbers have been disconnected, as of the last time we tried calling.

Lou has been involved with Tony Danza, not the actor. Danza, a developer with his tentacles in solar energy also, was intimately invovled with Touro College, Golan Cipel, Jim NcGreevey and one of the biggest scandals to be mis-reported by the media in New Jersey.

And now Lou’s boy Rainear is advocating hiring consultants to push for exactly the same sorts of things that Lou’s company (as far as we can tell, Lou is the only employee) “specializes” in.

We hope to have some public meetings with the schools and municipalities in early August,” Donald Rainear, the authority’s management consultant, said.

The idea is to find towns and school districts that want to team up with a developer who desires to build facilities that produce solar power. The government entities would save money on electricity costs, while the developer would make a profit on the investment.

Last week, authority commissioners listened to a presentation on the concept. They then voted 4-0 to hire consultants later this year to come up with plans, if there is enough interest.

In the words of  SNL’s Church Lady, “isn’t that convenient?”  Is Lou planning on leaving the public sector, vacating his lifelong ambition to help people by being a positive force in politics (yes, you can sense sarcasm here) to earn money honestly in the private sector?

Here are some facts about alternative energy – at this point is is a huge trough of public money being used to finance ALL alternative energy. Alternative energy is NOT cost effective at this time, and there are many opportunists that see riches beyond their wildest dreams for merely putting out their hands, and bringing developers together with polticians.

I am not debating the value of investing, public or privately, in alternative energy. As with all technology, as it becomes more commonplace, costs will decrease. But do not be deceived, alternative energy is a huge government handout for people that have absolutely no expertise in the field, such as Lou Magazzu. The only thing that qualifies him to run such a company is the fact that he has political connections, many of whom he appointed and owe him favors. He is now taking the opportunity to cash in on his years of empire building.

Question. We know Lou’s salary. It is not enough to live on. Who is financing his new venture? It is obvious that he is paying the telephone bills! Who is paying for his frequent air travel? Hopefully it is not another PAC!


3 Responses to CCIA looks into solar partnerships… now isn’t that convenient?

  1. Calhoun says:

    With respect to the issue of making a living, the question, “What does Lou do?” often comes up. With the other freeholders, it is easy to figure out: Dunkins is an education administrator (Bridgeton) and a pastor (Shiloh Baptist Church), Jannarone co-owner and broker of a real estate company (Exit Uptown Realty), Pepitone is a teacher (Delsea Regional High School), Sheppard is a is co-owner of his family’s business (Sheppard Farms), Thompson is a union administrator (IUPAT), and Whelan is a banking administrator (Colonial Bank FSB). All of this information is available in the freeholders’ bios on the county’s website. However, Lou’s bio has nothing about his current employment. All it has is past jobs, with the words “former” and “past” being used seven times.

    Besides his meager freeholder salary, Lou’s 2009 financial disclosure reported the following income sources: Magazzu Associates, Frank Scarpa Trust, Obermayer Pension Fund; financial interests were also reported from LA Associates and Magazzu Associates. What is Magazzu Associates? Is there an office at 1430 S. Lincoln Ave.? Does it have a phone number; a website? I can’t find anything. And here’s what has been reported about his new venture QES: the telephone and fax numbers don’t work and the address given for it (on E. Landis Ave in Vineland) is the same address as Exit Uptown Realty’s, Jannarone’s company.

    While Lou has every right to make a living, with some degree of privacy, the public does have a right to know how he does this. In other words, when Lou gets up in the morning where does he go (besides the County office) to work and what does he do? Given that Lou is steeped in New Jersey politics and that politics is a bastion for corruption, the public needs to have answers to these basic questions. And our local media have let the public down by not demanding “real” answers to these basic questions.

    It is maddening that Cumberland County has a freeholder director, whose current primary occupation appears to be a mystery. Being freeholder director and hurling invective at your opponents is not a full time job (salarywise). What does Lou do?

  2. Hang 'em High says:

    mayhap someone should look into “scarpa trust” for the answer…….

  3. Byelou says:

    Maybe Lou spends his days hiding his NACO money. Here’s a tip, Lou. Take it to the NACO convention in Reno, and put your money on whether you will be in office in 2011 or behind bars. Let me know, because I’m going to bet on the other one. Transparency. Accountability. Remember all of the crap you were spouting when you were running for re-election?

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