It’s all my fault

I had to laugh when I read this in today’s Ben column:

“Could the rejection of the solar panel farm in Upper Deerfield Township have more to do with competition for Little King Louie’s enterprise than the outcries of the tree hugging intelligencia of Western Cumberland County?  
“Just wondering.’’
— Son of Sam

By the way, for those of you expecting Lou Magazzu to bolt out of the county any day now, forget it.
He’ll be here for a while yet.

Blame it on Carl Johnson.


4 Responses to It’s all my fault

  1. Shore Bird says:

    This is awesome: a Three Stooges reunion! Lou, Carl and Jack (BEN), all together again. Funny that Carl (Son of Sam) spelled “intelligencia” wrong in the letter. And who would expect Jack and his high school newspaper to see the error and correct it? Intelligentsia, indeed; the two of you are beginning to make Lou look like a genius.

  2. WuLi says:

    Sorry Shore Bird – but Sam is not I. I sign my name to my correspondence. And, I know how to spell – I didn’t go through the Bridgeton school system.

  3. Deep Throat says:

    Powerful man WuLi . Magazzu would be gone, except for you. It could be true. Magazzu’s motive for most things is revenge. Sad if that is his reason for staying. If correct, would prove his motive was never for the public good.
    Did a little reasearch on the other comment in the BEN column. Most of the members of the Upper Deerfield Planning Board are Republican. Doubtful they are trying help Rainear slide contracts to Magazzu.

  4. Shore Bird says:

    WuLi, my apologies for the erroneous charge. I stand humbled and corrected.

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