Control Freak – Part Deux

The Daily Journal ran an article today about shared services. Generally, I am in favor  of shared services, if implemented properly. However, with centralized power comes the risk of centralized fraud and mismanagement.

“There is no reason in the world for the city of Vineland to have an independent health department,” said Freeholder Director Louis Magazzu, who is a Vineland resident. He said the county and city departments have skill sets to offer each other.

Lou Magazzu was elected Cumberland County Freeholder. His duties include managing the “county”. Lou was NOT elected mayor of Vineland. If he wanted to run Vineland, perhaps he should have run for that position.

The scary thing about Lou’s power grab is that the county is so poorly run under his lead, and now he wants to expand his personal kingdom. While we are on the topic of bad decisions, and I have to put this into the rumor category until I get confirmation – I heard that the building that houses the prosecutor offices on the corner of Broad and Fayette had new windows installed a year ago or so. During heavy rains, water runs down the interior walls. The county decided, in its own wisdom, to have county taxpayers and county people repair the leaks rather than go after the contractor that performed what appears to be shoddy work. And now Lou wants to bring this level of competence and jam it down the throat of every taxpayer in every municipality.

Another story, and this has been confirmed. A person called the county 9-11 for emergency services and the county dispatcher told them that 2nd Street and Vine Street in Millville “do not intersect”. I don’t know what Millville this brainless wonder was referring to, but it was Millville, NJ in Cumberland County. I know, because is live a few blocks from this non-existent intersection. And now Lou Magazzu wants to usurp local control of our police dispatch, and force us to endure this same level of incompetence. What the hell, it’s only people’s lives that are at risk!


2 Responses to Control Freak – Part Deux

  1. JamesRSauro says:

    I will address this tomorrow on my radio show. There isn’t enough space here to explain how horrendous this idea is for Vineland. He is the worst director and freeholder this county has ever seen and it will take a long time to recoup from what he has done to the county. Now he wants to control Vineland. Magazzu and Thompson should mind their own bus. and worry about the county. They are doing a terrible job there. You would think that they would concentrate harder and do just a bad job. Even that would be an improvement.

  2. Deep Throat says:

    The state is pushing for Counywide Health Boards.
    This may happen whether Vineland wants to or not.
    Vineland contributes 42% of the costs of the county 911 Center. They also pay to operate their own dispatch center. They pay twice.
    The real question in my mind is this.
    Is Mayor Romano gun shy of Magazzu for other reasons that the public is not aware of.
    My sources tell me that Magazzu tried to get the Mayor to give him a no bid contract with the City of Vineland.
    My sources also tell me that the Mayor could not get away from Magazzu fast enough. Magazzu reportedly did this at a very public event.

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