CCIA talks Solar – this is one to keep an eye on

Yes – Lou Magazzu begins a brand new venture hawking alternative energy at the same time he deposes the director of the CCIA and has a political crony with a very bad work history appointed.

Lou receives donations from Brooklyn for his failed NACo campaign, and there are apparent ties to Touro College and Tony Danza. Danza mysteriously appears in Vineland, hawking – yes, you guessed it: solar energy.

Sources inform us that Lou allegedly approached Vineland mayor Bob Romano and insisted on a no-bid deal for the solar energy component of Vineland Municipal Electric.

Now the crony in charge of the CCIA is announcing the CCIA will enter into a joint venture with a solar energy company.

The Cumberland County Improvement Authority will attempt to shed some light on a proposal to add solar panels to local government buildings.

The authority will schedule two meetings with the leaders of local municipal governments and school districts next month to propose an idea that would supply solar panels for public buildings with no start up costs. Don Rainear, the authority’s management consultant, said the plan would benefit the CCIA, a renewable energy developer and the local governments.

It seems the two main players in the county are suspect. One has ties to Lou, and the other IS Lou. This is one we will have to follow closely.


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