Take me to the chapel

Lou Magazzu is hell bent on rewarding his political contributors by forcing a political albatross on the county taxpayers. I am referring, of course, to the chapel at the veteran’s cemetery. Would it be nice? of course. I wish we did have the ratables in the county to afford this project – jobs would be created. However, it is neither needed, or really wanted. In today’s Ben column:

“I can’t believe that the county is still thinking about building the chapel!
“We are broke.
“They had to lay off workers, and make others take unpaid days off and the freeholders still want to spend money on a chapel!
“I am a veteran and it would be great to have a chapel, but this is government at its worst!
“When you run out of money, you stop spending!
“There are a lot of things I would like to buy, but when my budget has been spent, I stop spending!
“The people in this county need to let the freeholders know how they feel about this.
“It doesn’t matter if it only cost $700,000.
“We are broke.’’
— R. Winslow

Nobody would like to see a chapel more than us.
But, it’s just not feasible at this time.
It’s not like every other cemetery has a chapel and the veterans cemetery doesn’t.
What we’d like to see is a few fundraisers first.

Not only are veterans speaking our against this piece of local pork, but even Lou’s stalwart supporters such as Jack Hummel are taking issue.


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