Even “The News” says chapel is bad idea right now

Even the News of Cumberland County, a newspaper that usually supports his every move, has come out with an editorial saying this chapel, while a nice idea, is simply not feasible in the current economic climate.

Even at $700,000, this project is too much for a county that just laid off 34 employees and will face additional tough budget decisions in coming years.

But they forget – the 34 employees that were laid off do not contribute much to Lou’s campaigns. The builders that benefit from this pork project do, and hence deserve to be rewarded.


2 Responses to Even “The News” says chapel is bad idea right now

  1. Deep Throat says:

    Magazzu & Thompson need to give something to the construction trades. Remember Sweeney, Norcross, and the entire Camden County machine is controlled by the Labor unions. Magazzu & Co. have to wet their beaks.
    Remember, this why Magazzu did not want a candidate against LoBiondo. He needs the trades to hit the pavement to Get Out The Vote (GOTV).
    He has been dangling work in front of them & pulling it back for years.Now the Dems are in full panic mode.
    They have to spend your tax dollars to buy the support of the construction trades. The hell with the public employees and the taxpayers.

  2. If Cumberland County was doing good I would say yes.But the way things are going I say no and I’am a Veteran.If Freeholder Magazzu & Thompson want it that bad they should have Freeholder Jannarone get Volunter’s for donations and labor.When Freeholder Jannarone ran all she talked about how she could get volunter”s and save the tax payers money.I say no to this project unless they can come up with out tax payers money.This is just another way of buying votes.Don’t be fooled they can’t even walk the talk.Plus if they did it ,were is the remainig $30,000 going.Say no to Thompson and Pepitone in November.

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