Gloucester County Freeholders to be monitored

In the Daily Journal this morning there is an interesting article. The courts have ordered that the Gloucester County Freeholder Board be monitored for transparency. Apparently (or maybe not so apparent, hence the order) The Gloucester County Freeholders routinely violated the Sunshine Act and discussed public business behind closed doors.

A Superior Court judge Tuesday approved an independent monitor to determine whether the Gloucester County freeholders are conducting public business in accordance with the state’s Open Public Meetings Act.

Assignment Judge Francis Orlando Jr., presiding in Camden, made the decision after repeatedly asking the freeholders’ attorney for a response to claims the county violated the meetings statute, also known as the Sunshine Law.

There were long pauses as Michael Sullivan, who represented the county, struggled for answers.

About a year ago, an appeals panel found the county had violated the public meetings law by adopting policies, creating positions and discussing pay for county employees and legal counsel in closed sessions.

Gloucester County Freeholder Director Stephen Sweeney has been a regular support of Lou Magazzu, going so far as to improperly contribute to Lou’s failed NACo slush fund from his own campaign chest. One has to wonder if Lou’s merry band of Freeholders have ever had closed door meetings and discussed public business?

2 Responses to Gloucester County Freeholders to be monitored

  1. Hang 'em High says:

    You can take that to the bank…..

  2. Watcher 123 says:

    The point needs to be made that this is the State Senate President that appears to have violated the open public meeting act. The very people who make the laws are flaunting those laws?
    This off topic, but I need to mention this.
    I noticed the BEN made front huge front page story about a girl claiming she was giving oral sex when she and her boyfriend had an accident.
    Afew days later, Magazzu & Don Rainear’s long time 60 year old political operative is poisoned by his alleged 16 year old girlfiend. This girl claims it started when she was 13. The BEN kills that part of the story.
    BEN might as well just fold up. It has ceased to serve and inform the public.

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