Lou wants to hear from YOU!

Lou Magazzu will be a guest on WSNJ 1240am on Monday, August 2 at 9am. He wants to hear from YOU!

Some ideas – ask him if there are any open ELEC investigations into his NACo financing. Ask him who Mordechai Neustadt is, and why would a resident of Brooklyn be interested in donating a relatively large sum of money to his failed NACo bid.

Please call in, and make this an exciting and informative interview.


3 Responses to Lou wants to hear from YOU!

  1. I listened it seemed only 2 callers were not staged.That something when you have to get people to call in.He still had to get his smart remarks in if you were not a Democrat.Grow up Lou and get a real life.

  2. wsnjfan says:

    That phony phone call about the drug cards is bull.
    My pharmacist told me most of the people using the county card are buying pain pills. Druggies out pill shopping. Someone ought to find out about this. Politicians helping druggies get a discount.

  3. WuLi says:

    Don’t be so suspicious! The way Lou is running this county is absolutely painful, so there might be just cause for the pain pills!

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