Elec Investigation

I just received two pages of correspondence from the Election Law Enforcement Commission to an unknown complainant.  The first page outlines allegations, and with each allegation, dismisses the claim. They state the reason is that NACo is “a national organization” and does not fall under their jurisdiction.

The report goes on to say that Lou’s $10,000 loan to himself from the Democratic Organization doesn’t violate any ELEC statutes. To the right are the two pages, in full (recipient’s information has been redacted). To the left is a detail that is intriguing.

However, the interesting part of the letter is the investigation into the politicians that donated from their campaigns to Lou’s slush fund. Senate President Stephen Sweeney, watch out!

We will watch closely as this plays out. I heard about this letter, and filed an OPRA with ELEC to get a copy. ELEC replied about ten days later telling me that the request was “denied because no records exist”.

Is there a cover-up at ELEC? Will Sweeney roll on Lou like a steamroller? These questions and more beg to have answers.

2 Responses to Elec Investigation

  1. Curious says:

    Iam Curious about Magazzu’s Local Government Ethics Law Financial Disclosure Statement.
    Iam Curious that Magazzu showed nothing under the category of Sec.II that requires ” listing each source of gift, reimbursements, or pre-paid expenses having an aggregate value exceeding $400.00 from any single source, excluding relatives.”
    Iam Curious how he can evade the failure to disclose the NACO contributors on this form.

  2. Calhoun says:

    This is pretty much playing out as surmised in the 30 June post (and comments), “Why Would Senate Majority Leader Sweeney Violate ELEC Laws?” Not surprisingly ELEC dismissed the three allegations of wrongdoing on grounds that 1) they didn’t have jurisdiction (in the case of the NACo fund); 2) there was no proof anyone was “mislead” [sic; should read “misled”. Lawyers! They get paid big bucks to be masters of the language, yet some can’t spell even in formal legal documents like Mr. Gicas’s letter.]; and 3) there are no restrictions on the use of CPPC (that’s County Political Party Committee for those who are not ELEC nerds) funds for something like Lou’s NACo run.

    However, as the letter points out, these conclusions open up another can of worms. Namely, that transferal of campaign funds to Lou’s NACo is not allowed under NJ law, and as the 30 June post (and comments details) a number of candidates’ campaigns did just that, including Sweeney’s. Looks like a smoking gun to me.

    What this basically will come down to is a contest as to who the bigger dumbass is. Those who gave will whine that Lou did indeed mislead them as to the status of his NACo fund. So who’s the bigger dumbass: Lou for taking the money or the others for giving it? It’s a close call. Any claim of ignorance by Sweeney is questionable, since I know that during this controversy he stated something to the effect that he knew exactly what he was contributing to (I will dig out the exact quote). Well Mr. Senate President/Freeholder Director/International Association of Ironworkers’ General Organizer, that comment that you knew what you were contributing to may limit your ability to plead ignorance. And with that comment, Sweeney in this instance may have outdumbassed Lou. Hard to believe but it happens; kinda like the one time Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson.

    Nonetheless all of this will probably be small potatoes legal wise, since, I believe, violations of ELEC laws by campaigns don’t necessarily carry with them very heavy penalties.

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