Lou’s bad karma

I remember a very distasteful and mean-spirited outburst by Lou Magazzu intended for one of his fellow freeholders who had gotten into some financial difficulty. This freeholder, a hardworking and honest individual had simply bit off more than he could chew.

Lou, in the most condescending manner, said that any person that allowed themselves to get into such financial straits had no business serving in public office. Without belaboring the point, if Lou was a man of integrity he would immediately resign from public life. But, that will not happen, for  he is a hypocrite.

There is a great website called www.realtytrac.com, which lists foreclosures. Realtytrac ID # 31043058 (sorry, but membership is required to view the details) for parcel 14-06501 indicates that 4201 Dante Avenue, owned by Louis Magazzu, was recorded in Cumberland County on January 15, 2010 for foreclosure.

Interesting how a financial genius such as Lou could owe $333,7000 on a house valued at $298,000. Now we understand why the county is in such dismal fiscal shape – Lou ran it like he ran his personal affairs – into the proverbial ground. Karma sucks, doesn’t it, Lou?


6 Responses to Lou’s bad karma

  1. TAXPAYER2 says:

    This all too sad and predictable. Everyone knew the freeloader director couldn’t hold a job. So we get stuck with a guy who doesn’t pay his bills and can’t hold a job running the county. No wonder the county is broke. Only in our county would you fix the unemployment problem by putting the unemployable in charge of the taxpayers money.

  2. Byelou says:

    Are you telling me that the Director, the top Freeholder in the county, didn’t make his mortgage payments, and his homestead is in foreclosure?
    Why isn’t this front page news?
    If Lou Magazzu can’t make his personal payments, why do people vote for him to be the steward of the budget that pays for everyone else’s services?

    His Wife and kids need to sue him for non-support.

  3. WuLi says:

    What is even more disturbing is the lack of attention by a biased local media. Another freeholder was in the same position and the local newspapers blasted him. But when their boy Lou is in the same position, they are strangely quiet. with this sort of BLATANT double standard by the local papers, can we trust ANY of the reporting they do on the county?

  4. disgusted says:

    What wife and kids? According to Louie’s bio, he has no wife or kids. They just disappeared. He files for divorce and disowns his kids. Classy, real classy.

  5. Hang 'em High says:

    Only the news that Lou says is fit to print…..

  6. Byelou suing Lou would only tie up the courts.How do you get blood out of a stone.

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