In Cumberland County, kids don’t count

I am repeatedly appalled at the consistency of the Cumberland County freeholders under the lead of Lou Magazzu in their inability to address our poor rankings in the Kids Count rankings annually. Teen pregnancy, infant mortality, poverty – we regularly post appalling numbers, coming in first and second in all of the wrong categories. Lou Magazzu has repeatedly refused to address these shortcomings, or propose a plan that doesn’t involved funneling hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to Al Kelly’s wallet.

Recently, the county was upstaged by Atlantic county’s atrocious showing in the current Kid’s Count. However, this is one difference. Atlantic County Freeholder Jim Schroeder did address the public. In today’s Press of Atlantic City:

Freeholders taking

KidsCount seriously

Atlantic County government is, in fact, taking Atlantic County’s disappointing ranking on the recent KidsCount report very seriously. So, too, are community groups such as the United Way, as evidenced by the July 22 column from United Way Executive Director John Emge, “United Way, Atlantic County addressing issues of report.”

It is our intent to delve deeper into all 18 criteria entailed in the KidsCount report to see where Atlantic County might target resources or make policy changes benefitting our children. The Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition is already aggressively targeting such issues as teenage pregnancy, pre-natal care, low birth weight and infant mortality. In the months ahead, we hope to meet with early childhood and K-12 education leaders to focus on the educational components of the KidsCount report.

Finally, it is important to note that the national recession and the serious economic downturn affecting our regional economy appear to have contributed significantly to conditions adversely affecting our children whose families now find themselves at or below the poverty level. Through our research and through the cooperation of county government and community groups like the United Way, we hope to effect positive changes on behalf of all of Atlantic County’s children.


Atlantic County Freeholder

When will the leaders of Cumberland County come up with a “viable” plan to address these quality of life issues? Then again, maybe it is better that Lou keeps his hands off, he doesn’t have a strong track record, and the only thing he knows how to do is toss more money at Al Kelly.


6 Responses to In Cumberland County, kids don’t count

  1. Dean Hawk says:

    Rev Dunkins stated at a freeholders meeting about 3 months ago that he put together representatives from the Cumberland County Health Community to work toward lifting our standing from the bottom of the list to a more respectable position.
    For more than a week I have been waiting for a response from him when I inquired when the group was meeting and how many meetings have been held.
    I sent an email, left two telephone messages, forwarded the original emal to Lou, and left a message at the County office because I was told he was there for a meeting.
    So far I did get a return phone call that was taken by my answer machine. No follow up call.
    Why will he not simply answer my email?
    Why does Lou not instruct him to handle voters inquiry?
    Perhaps he has been on vacation and I will hear from him soon.

  2. Insider says:

    Dean you mistakenly believe Magazzu is in control on the freeholder board anymore. It is an illusion. Dunkins has no respect for Magazzu. Dunkins wants off the board as soon as his term is up. He tells everyone he sees that he is a one term freeholder. Seems to be be a pattern of good people not being able to serve with the numbnut director.

  3. Bridgetongal says:

    I having watching your site with amusement. You are wrong about Kelly and Magazu. Al Kelly has been keeping his distance from Magazu. Magazu threatened Kelly if he did not remove Gladys from his ticket. Kelly refused. He took no money from the county democrats. Magazu treated him terrible as the improvemant chair. The new team in Bridgeton wants Magazu to stay away.

  4. jobba says:

    Maybe Lou will have to go to Al for a job. Irony at its best or a cruel trist of fate.

  5. Bridgeton Gary says:

    Do you mean tryst of fate?

  6. haha says:

    You guys can sure TWIST (trist, tryst) the words.

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