ELEC cover-up, and Savejersey coverage of Magazzu and Sweeney scandal

I received the 3rd correspondence from ELEC this week, denying my request for any complaints or requests for investigation involving Lou Magazzu. ELEC told me twice that no documents existed, even though I was holding one in my hands. Now I find that Matt Rooney of the SaveJersey blog has the original complaint – the one that ELEC claims does not exist.

There are obviously complaints on file, as the report by a North Jersey paper yesterday confirm. Our local papers, as usual, continue to protect Lou from any adverse media attention. In effect, Stephen Sweeney, Senate president said that Lou Magazzu lied to him about the status of Lou’s NACo account. Both SaveJersey and MagazzuWatch have been watching this saga closely, coming public with the facts long before any of the mainstream media even paid attention.

As I see it, the only way Sweeney can protect his posterior is to roll on Magazzu big time. It seems evident that Louis lied to not only Sweeney, but to his other contributors, claiming that Lou4NACo was a Political Action Committee (PAC). MWatch questioned Lou’s comments to the media well over a year ago, when Lou insisted that his NACo account was in fact a PAC. When we dug and could find no evidence of such PAC, Lou came back with a second version of the facts. He claimed that he used a poor choice of words, when in fact he meant that Lou4NACo was his own personal bank account.

I still have to wonder what happened to the $81,000 he claims was donated to his fake PAC, as I hear rumblings that this income was neither declared on his income taxes, nor any ELEC report. Isn’t that what brought Al Capone down?


8 Responses to ELEC cover-up, and Savejersey coverage of Magazzu and Sweeney scandal

  1. Guess-Who says:

    The Interview on wed/thur (last week) that Steve Keeley of Fox 29 News did from Atlantic City with Steve Sweeney, IT is WORTH the VIEW!

    This is a different Interview that Keeley did with Sweeney, here is the link


    Checks and Balance make the County a Better Place

  2. Guess-Who says:

    Here IT is; the Interview that U have to SEE to BELIEVE:
    Keeley & Sweeney


    Watch the Entire 7 + Min.; INTERESTING one might say!

  3. Calhoun says:

    I don’t think Sweeney should be allowed to protect his oversized posterior by rolling it onto Magazzu. Even if Magazzu was less than truthful with respect to the status of the “Lou For NACo” account that shouldn’t give Sweeney cover.

    Whenever one writes a check for a large amount of money (call me old fashioned, but I still consider $6K serious change), the writer of that check has a duty to make sure he knows where it is going. This is especially the case for public officials like Sweeney. Sweeney’s excuse that Lou told him it was legal is laughable. Let’s say I buy some white powder from some dude downtown. The cops arrest me. Do you think they’ll let me go if I tell them “Hey, the guy selling it told me it was legal.”

    What a load.

    Lou is in trouble enough (especially if there is no formal filing of that $81K he collected). Let’s not allow others to fob their problems onto him.

    Republicans would do well not to do this either. Sweeney is a big fish and he has had his problems of late, especially his close ties to the Delaware River Port Authority. Republicans should give him no avenue to squirm his way out of this mess.

    The R’s response to Sweeney’s explanation should simply be Sweeney’s previous comment — he knew “exactly” what he was contributing to.

    Sweeney may be on the ropes. Let’s not help him out by allowing Lou’s political carcass to absorb future blows.

  4. Guess-Who says:

    You have to Keep UP with WHAT the Governor of NJ is Saying about DRPA & his Old Job & the A.G .Office of NJ. & Steve Sweeney.

    Watch the 2 News Clips of the Governor & Keeley that has an INTERVIEW with S. Sweeney at the Statehouse in Trenton. WoW- L{.}{.}K Out; he is Changing his Tune on this WASTE of Tax-Payer[s] Money!
    (Here is the Link)


    Will this also START happening in Cumberland County, NJ , L{.}{.}King into every single AUTHORITY in Cumberland County with Audits from INDEPENDENT FIRM[S]?

    Maybe someone should Forward/Send Keeley of Fox 29 News the info on NACo, He might just ASK Mr. Sweeney the Question[s] so many Cumberland County Residents have regarding the FAILED attempt at the 2nd Vice President position of a Non-Profit Org. & Mr. Sweeney’s $6,000 Contribution to Lou Magazzu???

    Remember this Louie Magazzu QUITE his Bid for 2nd V.P. before the VOTES were TOTALED at the NACo Convention were Lou M. had a Supporting CA$T of Character[s] where He Spent $17,000+.
    Was IT (Money) for Them to ATTEND as INVITED Guest of Mr. Magazzu?

  5. byelou says:

    The $81,000 was not contributed to a PAC, we know that, because Honest Louie said it. Then Honest Louie said it was a personal contribution. We common folk might call that a gift…from the people and businesses most likely to benefit from Lou’s magnanimous generosity in giving away the public’s money.
    Lou isn’t a King, and he he’s not a private citizen. He’s just an elected official who took $81,000 in bribes and failed to list it as income on his tax return. ( Did he even file a tax return?)
    Now, what does ELEC call it?

  6. WuLi says:

    Byelou – you have to read between the lines f the ELEC letter, the one that doesn’t exist.

    ELEC has one concern, enforcing election laws. Violations of these laws is, for the most part, a civil, not criminal matter. the most ELEC can do is levy fines on elected officials and candidates for failing to comply.

    It is sort of refreshing to read the ELEC findings on the complaints filed about Lou’s NACo shenanigans. ELEC said of all but one that no ELEC rules had been broken. and Lou broke no ELEC laws on any of them, basically because his failed NACo campaign does not fall under the jurisdiction of ELEC.

    The violations are all against any politician that gave from their campaign funds to Lou’s failed NACo slush fund, because that is not an allowable use of campaign money.

    However, ELEC never said that Lou was acting legally – they said that the allegations do not fall under their jurisdiction. So don’t think that he has been absolved of wrongdoing. Nope – I believe that these allegations have been and are being investigated by other authorities, because the infractions involve criminal wrongdoing.

    Time will tell.

  7. Byelou says:

    How much time needs to go by before time tells?
    I thought that, with Christie in as governator, Lou’s butt would be barbecued.

  8. Curious says:

    I am Curious when they are going to investigate the
    I am Curious because the great consultant at the C.C.I.A. came from there.
    I am Curious because Don Rainear was pushed out at D.R.B.A.
    I am Curious because Magazzu brought him into fix the C.C.I.A.
    I am Curious if he will bring the kind of sleazy dealings he learned at the D.R.B.A.
    I am Curious because it is right up Magazzu’s no ethics alley.

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