Veteran’s Cemetery – loose ends

There were several articles yesterday explaining that Lou Magazzu had come up with a cost savings measure to build a chapel at the Veteran’s Cemetery for $250,000. This is a fraction of the most recent proposed cost, although still a quarter of a million HIGHER than the original deal which would have had the chapel built at no cost to county taxpayers.

We have to keep in mind the entire history of this fiasco, this tangled web of inside deals, when we consider the latest turn of events. I reads the news yesterday, as always when Lou Magazzu’s name is involved, with a nagging feeling in the back of my head that there had to have been some back room conversations.

Today we learn that in order to get this bargain basement chapel, we have to give jobs to a Camden County organization. Big surprise. Once again, Lou Magazzu is pushing Cumberland County money to his friends in Camden.

According to Magazzu, the offer to the county is that the county would put $250,000 toward the project and the Camden Cemetery association would assume the rest of the cost.

In exchange, the association would build a mausoleum at Cumberland’s cemetery. It would sell spots to recoup its cost.

Magazzu said the county population includes 13,500 veterans.

Call me paranoid, but why is it that any time Lou Magazzu has an idea to spend Cumberland County tax dollars, a Camden County group is on the receiving end?


6 Responses to Veteran’s Cemetery – loose ends

  1. Hang 'em High says:

    His wheeling and dealing knows no end.

  2. Beaver Cleaver says:

    Maybe he wants the chapel so he has a free place to be buried when he loses everything to foreclosure.

  3. Observer says:

    This idea is the silliest yet. The largest cemetary in the area is Overlook Cemetary. It built a small Mausoleum in the early 1930s It just finally sold it’s last crypt. Took 80 years to sell it out. Most of the vets are being buried at the county veteran cemetary because the plots are free.
    Now we are going to turn over county property to a private enterprise? The Camden Cemetary ought to check the demographics of the area. Better yet, call Overlook and ask them .

  4. demo Joe says:

    Having the most respect for the veterans cemetary

    Is this the issue or just a way to get water and sewer service farther into Hopewell Twp. for Lou’s buddy at Dutch Neck Village.

    Why can’t people see this?

  5. Hang 'em High says:

    When the Veteran’s Cemetery becomes TRULY representative of the US Military and not a segregated, divisive entity, THEN and Only Then should a chapel be built. As it is now, a chapel is hypocritical. Segregating sections by religion is NOT the military way, and most thinking veterans should be up in arms about it.

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