Magazzu and CCIA shun South Jersey Business in new venture

The CCIA’s Don Rainear announced an initiative to bring solar energy to public school buildings. Lou Magazzu was lurking behind the scenes in this new scheme that excludes local contractors.

The Cumberland County Improvement Authority took a couple of steps toward bringing solar energy to the schools and municipal buildings of the community at its meeting on Wednesday.

At that time, it awarded a contract to PMK Group with Gabriel Associates as a sub-contractor as consultant for a proposed renewable energy program. Decotiis Fitzpatrick and Cole will provide legal services for the program.

PMK Group is located in Cranford, NJ and is a heavy contributor to democratic campaigns, including that of Lou’s friend and support, Joseph Cryan. They do toss a few dollars here and there to republicans.

Decotiis Fitzpatrick and Cole are a New York and North Jersey law office, also heavy contributors to the D’s.

There are way too many Gabriel Associates to do any sincere background check without having a little more information than just a name.

My main concern is that once again Cumberland County money is being funneled out of the county. Were there any RFP’s or public notices placed, or did Rainear just decide to choose cronies to reward with this new venture? How does Lou’s new energy consulting company fit in?

I will keep you updated as more facts come to light, but as with anything that has the tinge of Magazzu, something just does not smell right.


2 Responses to Magazzu and CCIA shun South Jersey Business in new venture

  1. Oinkforfreedom says:

    Shoot Lou can really operate even while hiding out from public view. Thank you Mr Wuli for doning this cave splunking of our politics while our County Taxes go up…up…and away

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