Veteran’s Chapel, Low Bidders lose, and assorted nonsense

In Today’s Ben Column, there were quite a few letters and quips that I found interesting.

Why is it when bids go out for anything and somebody from far away gets the bid, and there is an outcry, it’s always explainded away with, “Hey, that’s the way the system works. The bid goes to the lowest bidder.’’
But, when the lowest bidder is from Millville, and they don’t get the contract, “Hey, we don’t trust them. We could be facing lawsuits. So, we’ll go with a higher bid outside the county.’’
Just like that.
That’s the way the contract for part of the Vine Street School project went.
What good is a bidding system then?
Does it not become a joke?
There is no protection against unscrupulous activity.
“No, we don’t like this one.’’
“We like this one better, even though it’s higher.’’
To protect the reputations of the freeholders, should this be going on?
Actually, to be honest with you, we’d rather see Glenn Nickerson decide the whole deal, with no input from politicians.
But, that’s our hangup.

And that is the problem we at MagazzuWatch have with Lou’s decisions. They too often involve giving county money to Camden or out of town companies. We have often expolained the money trail, how Camden County contractors give to the Camden County party, how the Camden County party gives to the Cumberland County party, and how Lou then directs money to these Camden County contractors.

Cumberland County  has the highest unemployment in the state, and still Lou sees fit to refuse to allow the lowest bidders to work, preferring instead to send more money out of county.

Where were these concerns when the new addition to the courthouse was being fumbled away with corners being cut?
And have we gotten all — count ‘em — all those dollars back?
What was it?
Twenty-one million dollars and you have to cut corners?

And finally, this gem:

How hard should we try to keep jobs with lowest bids that come from within the county in the county?

How hard? Cumberland County freeholders were elected to represent Cumberland County residents. Every decision MUST be made with the consideration that OUR jobs come first, OUR well-being comes first, and OUR residents come first. Let Camden County people find their own jobs, Lou, you work for US!


2 Responses to Veteran’s Chapel, Low Bidders lose, and assorted nonsense

  1. GoGoCumCo says:

    I agree that it makes no sense to not go with the lowest bidder, unless there is a bona fide reason not too. If that were the case, the public should know about it. But I must pose this question…… IF we went with the in-county architect for the building as we did for the garage, DOES that mean they are going to use in-county labor and construction, etc… to do the job? If not, I don’t think it matters as much as we are making it out to seem. And if they would use in-county contractors, why not require the out-of-county architect to do the same?

    I know this is just as much about the principle of the thing as it is about the money and the jobs, I’m just trying to focus the anger correctly……

  2. Oinkforfreedom says:

    There is sure alot of itchy back in this county!!

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