Don Rainear – will you make up your mind?

Magazzu’s boy at the CCIA, Don Rainear apparently cannot make up his mind. January 28, 2010 – shortly after Lou arranged to have him replace steve Wymbs who was forced out solely due to politics – Rainear said, concerning the Phase II expansion of the county landfill:

“The money has been borrowed and the bonds have been sold, but the $21 million has not been spent,” he said. “The bid has been awarded, but the contract has not been signed.”

He claimed to have done his homework, and said the county simply cannot afford to expand the landfill. The two top bidders threatened a lawsuit because the county broke a contract.

On March 12, 2010 Rainear said the county was “reducing the scope” of the expansion.  At that time, he also proved that he had no, in fact, done his homework and only was beginning to check his facts.

Rainear, who is currently handling the responsibilities of CCIA executive director, said Friday that the CCIA’s professional staff is currently doing an estimate on how much life is left in the county landfill.

Now we find that Rainear is back to the original plan he nixed – but at what cost?

After a year of work by its engineers, and nearly three months after Executive Director Don Rainear admitted a previous pre-treatment plant for leachate had to be cut for cost reasons, the Cumberland County Improvement Authority on Wednesday voted to authorize preparation for a new leachate pretreatment plant.

How much money has this foot-dragging cost us? Was the initial plan eighty-sixed because of the contractors involved, sweeping out the last remnants of the Wymb’s dynasty? Will we ever know the truth?


4 Responses to Don Rainear – will you make up your mind?

  1. Amused says:

    The Bridgeton paper just does not get it.
    Rainear is a “consultant”. He is NOT the executive director. He would jepordize getting his pension and the $130K part time consulting money if he was the top guy.
    Rainear did not want to have to work full time.
    He just wants the money.

  2. Amused says:

    The Bridgeton paper did it again.
    Either the reporter is really stupid, or it is intentional. Either way. he should stop doing articles on the CCIA if he can’t figure out what Rainear’s $130,000 part-time consulting position is.

  3. Old Tyme Dem says:

    The public and Press never stop falling for this old Rainear stunt. who can forget that everytime the “Bring Back Bridgeton” slate was up for election, a new hotel was announced to be coming to town by Rainear. Notice that 30 years later and Bridgeton still has no hotel?
    Magazzu is now bring the prosecutors office design back to the forefront. What do these 2 have in common?
    Election time is coming. It is time to dangle constuction jobs in front our trade union brothers and sisters.
    We can always depend on them to Get Out The Vote.
    Promise them work before the election.
    Immediately after the election, the projects will go on the back burner. They may be dropped completely.
    Rainear and Magazzu have played this shell forever.
    So my union brothers, get out there and work your asses off again for the election this year. You will surely be rewarded as you have every year before. You will get NOTHING.
    Ask our union brothers at UAW Local 2327. They have been well rewarded for their efforts last year.
    Haven’t you?

  4. Did you for get all the free food for kikston towers in Vineland.On election nite all the free booze and pizza.Isn’t that just wonderfull.Oh I almost for got sometimes two weeks before free buffet dinner also.It was also reported $20.00 bills falling out of the sky in Bridgeton.I wander if the UAW is going to have a pep ralley so after the election the county can tell the workers sorry here’s the pink slip because you didn’t work hard enough.Win or loose.

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