Conahey questions County’s accountability

Patrick Conahey Sr. questioned the county’s ability to properly utilize our tax monies. In a letter to the News of Cumberland County today, he broke down the Fairfield Twp. tax bill, which like many tax bills across the county continues to increase annually despite the best efforts of municipalities to control spending. He cites outof control county spending as the culprit – Lou Magazzu’s spendthrift cronies funding every pet project while delivering no services to residents in return.

Finally we have the largest portion of our tax dollars, 42.8 percent, going to Cumberland County. Now that is where I question the return for our money. Sure, the county maintains their roadways, but they own them. Just as we maintain our homes, because we own them. We are not getting trash removal; the township pays for every dumpster that we take out to the county. And if you, as a resident, take trash out to the county there is a fee that you must pay. We don’t get county police protection; we townships rely on the State Police for our police protection. Nor do we get paid fire protection. We do have the advantage of centralized EMS dispatch services via the 911 Emergency Communication Center.

He continues with the Veteran’s Chapel, located at a cemetery where the county is not even able to provide minimal maintenance on existing monuments, let alone operate and maintain a building.

Lou pretends to be the fiscal conservative, yet any rational analysis of county spending over his tenure proves otherwise. He has continually used the county treasury as his personal piggy bank to pay back friends and political supporters with lucrative contracts. He has used his position as Freeholder to bully opponents, and destroy his critics, going so far as to attack their families politically as a means of retribution.  It is nigh time he step down, and allow other, more honest and capable individuals (individuals that can manage their own finances, for instance, before declaring they want to control the county finances) to take the wheel.


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