Jail warden to investigate deplorable conditions at county shelter

As is typical of Lou Magazzu and his merry band of cohorts, if there is no money in it for the developers that contribute heavily to their campaigns, they neglect it. This is certainly the case with the county homeless shelter. The shelter is supposed to be a safe haven or those that due to circumstances beyond their control are left without a place to sleep.

The newspapers have been reporting heavily on a recent incident where a family was intimidated by thugs that have taken over the shelter. The county has basically looked the other way at the multitude of reports of drugs, alcohol abuse, and other criminal activity that is alleged to be prevalent at the shelter.

But, again as is typical for Lou, the press makes a stink and he acts as if he is on top of the situation. The freeholders appointed County Jail Warden, Bob Balicki to investigate.

County officials will be conducting an internal investigation into security at the Cumberland Family Shelter, in Vineland, following a report of threats made to a homeless family staying there by other residents earlier this month.

Cumberland County Freeholder James Dunkins, who chairs the county Department of Health, stated he has contacted county jail warden Bob Balicki to review the security procedures at the shelter.

Now I know Balicki, and believe he is more than capable of the task. My question is, however, where is the county sheriff in this? You know the one, the guy we elected because he would work for less  money than his experienced and  qualified opponent. Isn’t this a job for law enforcement?  Balicki has his hands full running the county jail. Why would the sheriff be excluded? Is it because Lou Magazzu and the freeholders all know that Bob Austino is eminently unqualified for this job? He is probably much better at stealing signs off of buildings, or forging signatures on checks.

Why do we have a sheriff anyway, when he had to hire TWO undersheriffs – the previous sheriff made due with one – when he is obviously incompetent? But this is Lou Magazzu’s brand of leadership, reward your unqualified and under-qualified friends with county jobs and pensions. Support unqualified candidates for your slate because you know they will unquestioningly follow your every whim.


4 Responses to Jail warden to investigate deplorable conditions at county shelter

  1. demo Joe says:

    Sounds like the same senario that Don Olbrich got in as “Dept. Head” No qualifications and costing the county money in indecision and bad judgement. Lou’s and Nellie’s way of rewards.

  2. LANDISAVE says:

    I love it the County sheriff has no clue on what he’s doing, just great.

  3. it's me says:

    Jail warden to investigate deplorable conditions at county shelter, hey how about the conditions at the county jail? It’s still looks like the county land fill.

  4. Wes69u2 says:

    My apoligies for being off topic. Can I suggest a bulletin board that readers can make comments on subjects related to Magazzu as they come to readers minds?
    I must note that the Millville commissioners are taking credit for not taking health benefits. Isn’t Quinn getting his from Bridgeton sewer users? I believe that Dale Finch just picked his up from the county.
    It should also be noted that Joe Veight recently took credit for finding unused funds in Fairfield.
    The timing is very suspect with the township audit just being completed. It is more likely that the auditors found the funds during the audit process.
    He should have told how he discovered these funds.

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