Free For All: the Off-Topic Forum

You asked, we listened. Better yet, we acted!

As our regular readers understand, we frown on off-topic comments. We ask you to keep the conversation directed at the topic at hand. Well, now you have a topic that is – off-topic! Yes, feel free to post your musings, thoughts, information, what-have-you that is Magazzu related here. As always, we ask that you follow all other rules of etiquette with your posts.  Do not be libelous, no slander. If you have rumors, please note them as such. You are responsible for your own posts, but management reserves the right to edit or delete if we feel they cross the line of decency. That line is rather broad…


5 Responses to Free For All: the Off-Topic Forum

  1. Curious says:

    Iam Curious when the shared services with the county for the CFO in Downe failed according to today’s Bridgeton paper..
    Iam Curious since that was one of the only two shared service agreements Joe Veight accomplished in his 2 years of collecting taxpayer money as shared services co-ordinator.
    Iam also Curios since the only other shared services were for Fairfield & Downe courts.
    Iam Curious since Veight was the no show prosecutor for these two towns.
    I am also Curious since Veight intended to benefit personallyu from the merger.
    Iam Curious since the courts said it was a conflict of interest and Veight had to resign as prosecutor.
    Iam Curious that the media has given the county and Veight a free pass on this.

  2. DeepThroat says:

    Don Rainear is accusing Mr. Wymbs again for over borrowing in the changing trash market. The reality is the majority of the board he has the sweetheart contract with, approved the bonding. The minutes of the CCIA will clearly show that they were informed of the changing market by Mr. Wymbs..
    But why let the truth get in the way?
    Rainear and Magazzu never did before, and sure won’t start now.

  3. WuLi says:

    Why would anybody expect a word of truth from ANY of Lou Magazzu’s cohorts, least of all Rainear?

  4. Curious says:

    Iam Curious that the local media will not take the lead of the national media.
    Iam Curious because themedia Wants to know how Christine O’Donnell has supported herself with no real employment the last few years.
    Iam Curious since Magazzu has not held a steady job in years.
    Iam Curious since the county is in financial crisis, yet an unemployed former lawyer is in charge of the future of 150,000 residents and 1,000 county workers.
    Iam Curious because the public deserves an answer.

  5. Calhoun says:

    Amen Curious. Amen. The whole issue of how Lou and some of his cronies support themselves is a huge issue. The “What does Lou do for a living” question has been raised countless times on this website and is also the source of a lot of gossip in the county. It all will come out eventually (I hope) and, if it does, it will serve as a huge indictment on our local media that allowed this cankerous sore to grow into what it has now become. All the local sycophant politicians who licked his boots for favors are also to blame. It is so bad now many have become desensitized to it. Sadly many don’t just seem to care how the County’s leading politician went for years with no steady source of income. Doesn’t the public have a right to know how its politicians make a living? Barring independent wealth, aren’t those who are not making a living more vulnerable to graft and corruption?

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