Lou’s freeholders reward yet another contributor

In today’s Atlantic City Press there is a story about consolidation of police dispatch in the county. In my humble opinion, consolidation would hurt Millville more than it would help, and I don’t see any true costs savings. Savings in salary? Nope, the dispatchers would likely be moved to the county, and their salaries would still need to be paid. Instead of paying Millville taxes, we would be paying County taxes, with a reduction in city oversight.

But that is not the reason for this post, we could argue this one back and forth all day. What caught my attention was this particular item:

The Cumberland County Board of Chosen Freeholders on Thursday awarded a $93,500 contract to V-COMM of Cranbury to study consolidating that service.

Is it any surprise that Domenic Villecco, the president of V-COMM, is a contributor to the Camden County Democratic machine, even though he hails for either north Jersey or Pennsylvania, depending on when he gave. He never donated to parties in his area of residence, Cranbury, NJ.

I have long maintained that contributions to the Camden Machine find their way into Lou Magazzu’s Cumberland Machine one way or another. It is a transparent attempt to do an end run around pay-to-play laws. There is a clear record of contributions to Camden, contributions from the Camden machine to Cumberland, and of Cumberland hiring these contributors.

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