Why the high bidder, again?

An article in the News of Cumberland County listed the bidders on a feasibility study.

The Cumberland County freeholder board last week awarded a $93,500 contract to a Cranbury, company to perform a study into a possible consolidation of police and fire dispatch services across the county.

$93,500 for a study. You would think that a study could be done for a lot less money. According to Lou Magazzu’s merry band of freeholders, they don’t think so. They completely ignored the four companies that came in lower, two came in much lower.

The county received six applications for the study, none of which came from companies in Cumberland County:

* Intertech Associates, from Freehold, with a $38,500 proposal.

* CCMS Corporation, of Colts Neck, submitted a $39,180 proposal.

* Robert Kimball Associates, of Harrisburg, Pa., submitted a $64,377 proposal.

* RCC, of Glen Allen, Va., $89,530.

* V-COMM, the winner, entered a $94,500 proposal.

* IXP Corporation, of Cranbury, submitted a $120,450 proposal.

The other day I showed how the head of the winning company did donate to the Camden County Norcross machine, even though he lives in North Jersey. Previously we have connected the dots, proving that Camden money was being funneled into the Cumberland County machine. Is this the cost of doing business in Magazzu’s County?

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