Jannarone needs to do some cleaning in her own house

The Democrat candidates apparently have no issues this year, and so Lou Magazzu’s party has just slung what is one of the most reprehensible and vile pieces of mud to start off the last month of campaigning. Magazzu is claiming that this attack is coming solely from Jane Jannarone. We know that Jane has never had an original thought in her life; this smells so suspiciously of Lou Magazzu’s past slime fests that it is unimaginable that he didn’t have a hand in orchestrating it.

Joe Pepitone and Nelson Thompson should be ashamed that they have not stepped up to the plate and rebuked Jannarone for her vile and pernicious attack on a non-candidate hoping that the voters will not realize that their candidates are bringing nothing to the table, and have nothing to show for their past experience as incumbent freeholders. Jane drags out a person’s past history and preys on their misfortune for her personal satisfaction. Jane, this is a pathetic ploy, even for you.

Jane, you need to clean you own house first before you go looking for dirt in others. In your fit of self-righteousness, you have glibly overlooked people in your own party that have a history of spousal abuse. And those people are in official positions of authority; that is scary.  You and Lou Magazzu have aggressively overlooked, and even rewarded, the chair of the Bridgeton Democratic Party for a drug arrest, attempting to sweep the entire affair under the carpet.  Clean up your own house first, it is plenty dirty.


20 Responses to Jannarone needs to do some cleaning in her own house

  1. Hang 'em High says:

    Classic Maggot-zoo tactic. No surprise in this whatever.

  2. JamesRSauro says:

    There is a saying. You can only prove your an idiot to others by opening your mouth.

  3. abondroit says:

    Once again the Maria sisters, Perez and LaBoy, have jumped on Lou’s band wagon. Someone should tell them when they are being used.

  4. Bridgeton Gary says:

    Here we go again. Dems who would have voted for Pep and Nelson are being driven away from the party by nasty Lou and his business as usual ploys. It remains to be seen if the voters stay home or move to the r’s. apathy usually reigns supreme.

  5. ????????? says:

    How many times have the Vineland police been called to the Jannarone residence in the last few years for domestic distubances?

  6. Hang 'em High says:

    Hey Jane, how many times HAVE the Vineland Police paid YOU a visit? And WHY?

    Maybe you should have had one of them join you on the steps of the City Hall when you conducted that STUPID press conference. I guess Lou didn’t approve that, though, did he?

    What a bunch of garbage.

  7. Guess-Who says:

    Here is watch ur L{.}{.}King fore;

  8. Deparego says:

    No Brain Jane.

  9. WuLi says:

    What Jane will discover, and probably Pepitone and Thompson too, is that this sick ploy will backfire on them.

    Apparently the incumbents have no plan, no agenda, no program – they have no answer for the gross mismanagement at the county level that occurred on their watch, at the hand of their fearless leader Lou.

    With no real platform, I guess character assassination is the last hope for their campaigns.

  10. mango says:

    As a Democrat, and one who still has hope for the Dems at the national level (given the alternatives), this smear campaign distresses me beyond words. One almost feels sorry for Jannarone, she is so pathetic. Her term in office has been distinguished by her slavish dedication to Lou, perhaps best described in a comment made almost a year ago on MWatch by someone who saw a Freeholder meeting on TV — “I see Jane J.looking at Lou like she would like to do a lap dance for him”.

    These gutter tactics were blessed, if not instigated by Lou. It’s déjà vu all over again, a repeat of the tactics used to get Austino elected. But Jane has a dog in this fight. Reportedly domestic violence is an issue that hits home for her. The sad thing is that if she has some sincere convictions on the issue, she has lost all credibility by using it as a political hammer weeks before the election.

    Looks as if brains are not required for election to public office.

  11. Bridgeton Gary says:

    Jane isn’t the first person asked to deliver this message, just the first to be dumb enough to do it.

  12. Calhoun says:

    Like mango I too have hope for the Ds at the national level when given the alternatives, like the Tea Partiers and Palinites. However, I will not vote for the Ds at the state and local levels in NJ. They are simply too corrupt and self-serving. Look at our state reps, Van Drew, Milam, and Albano: three empty suits (albeit usually well-tailored suits). At the County things are still run by King Lou. Even at the municipal level things often stink, such as the recent mess in Millville involving the prosecutor and public defender positions.

    The legitimacy of the issue and Jannarone’s personal convictions are washed away by the way in which she brought the issue up. In a nutshell, she went through Lou, and that destroyed her credibility on the claim she is not doing this for political reasons. This destroyed her credbility not just because Lou is our County’s version of Satan but because he is the leader of the County’s Democratic Party. Therefore, going through him automatically makes this a political issue regardless of her claims to the contrary.

    I have always believed a number of Lou’s personal issues should be fair game and this recent dust up makes me further convinced that the Rs need to start demanding answers on several fronts. These are listed below as questions that I hope the Rs ask publically and through the media.

    1. How is Lou making a living? From whom is he receiving income (besides his County salary)?

    2. Where is Lou living? Does he own or rent, and, if renting, from whom is he renting? What is the status of his home on Dante Ave.?

    3. Why is Lou’s business address for his QES Energy Solutions the same as one of Jannarone’s Exit Realty offices?

    4. How much travel has Lou made that has been reimbursed by the public over the last few years and what were the reasons for this travel?

    5. Why haven’t Thompson and Pepitone demanded answers about these issues, and why have they always enabled Lou, such as the altering of the County’s ethics code to allow Lou to set up his NACo account?

    There is some legitimacy to Jannarone’s charge, and I do want to know the background of the R chair, since they do recommend to the Governor names for potential appointees to judgeships, and I don’t want the Rs’ version of Gary Wodlinger when a judgeship comes up. (We have Judge Wodlinger thanks in part to Lou, who recommended him.) However, I am also waiting for a lot of answers to a mountain of questions about Lou and his past.

    Don’t expect many of us to suddenly turn our full attention to Greco when so much remains unanswered around Magazzu.

  13. Calhoun says:

    Brigeton Gary raised another issue. These “info packets” first arrived back in 2009. Why wasn’t the issue raised then? Here’s a possible explanation: Lou was on the ballot then and he recognized this was too explosive an issue to deal with during a campaign, so it didn’t get raised.

    This year Lou’s off the ballot and so this issue, with his help, gets raised by Jannarone

    I must retract my earlier conlcusion that Lou is playing no role in this year’s freeholder campaign. His involvement with this issue makes it clear he is playing a role. However, what that role may be is uncertain. This issue is backfiring on the Ds and Lou’s involvement in it — without the notification of Pepitone or Thompson according to the papers — almost seems like sabotage.

    Pepitone and Thompson need to seriously ask whether Lou is helping or hurting their campaign.

  14. WuLi says:

    Actually, Lou TRIED to make this an issue last year at the same time. The plan was to have a press conference on domestic abuse, and for Jannarone to blast Greco.

    So her claim that this is not politically motivated is an outright, blatant lie. Lou taught her well. It seems that whenever her lips move, she lies. It is a shame that she would sell her soul like this.

    The press conference didn’t happen because Nancy Sungenis refused to stoop so low.

    This is especially sickening because several months ago I had the chance to [publish several despicable tidbits about Lou’s personal life, and chose not to. It involved his family, and I feel a person’s family should be off limits.

    Magazzu and Jannarone have no such limits, and will pull people’s families int he fray for political gain. They are the epitome of what is wrong with politics in Cumberland County.

    I have yet to hear any of their candidates speak about what they would do to change what is wrong in the county. Do you know why? THEY are what is wrong int he county. They allowed King Lou to run rough-shod over the taxpayers, using county money as his own piggy bank for NACo travel and much more.

  15. Calhoun says:

    OK, Wuli. Under your account Lou wanted to raise this issue last year but got blocked by Sungenis. So, where is Sungenis’s good sense this year? Why were Lou and Jane allowed to do it this year, and why was this done — at least according to the papers — without Pepitone’s and Thompson’s consent? Since they’re on the ballot, I would have thought they would have been consulted.

    It does raise the issue of who exactly is running the County Democrats these days. You have Lou and Jane off doing things that 1) were shot down last year; 2) apparently were not ran past the candidates on the ballot this year.

    It seems to me the County Ds are a dysfunctional mess.

  16. WuLi says:

    Calhoun, as it was told me, Jane chickened out when Nancy wouldn’t join her. Nancyis a rabid party-line D, but she does apparently have a little bit of decency. It appears Jane has drunk a gallon of Lou’s Kool-Aid.

  17. john q public says:

    How about certain elected democrats who had their records expunged? I don’t recall if it was before or after taking office, but it did happen. Where’s the parity here?

  18. YO DOG says:

    I think his name is mmmmmmm Sheriff Robert A. Austino???

  19. ??????? says:

    Maybe it was Thompson’s DUI.

  20. Oinkforfreedom says:

    Its pretty clear this was the work of Lou. Why would anyone with a brain and a family want to run for office in Cumberland County when you have the likes of Lou?

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