Thompson and Pepitone have nothng to offer – craft pathetic ploy

This is on today:

To the Editor:

When you have nothing to offer the voting public (no platform), the best thing to do is divert attention away from your two incumbent freeholder candidates (Nelson Thompson and Joseph Pipitone).

There were no skeletons in Republican Party freeholder candidates Sam Fiocchi and Carl Kirstein’s closet. Why not go back seven years to 2003 and resurface a domestic violence issue that happened in Cape May County.

And that is exactly what the Democratic Party did by publicly attacking a non-candidate who just happens to be the Cumberland County Regular Republican Party Chairman, Robert Greco.  

Cumberland County Freeholder Ms. Jane Jannarone held a press conference a day after a candlelight vigil in Vineland for women of domestic violence. The Democrats knew about this issue for many months, but kept it under wraps. Why did they wait to inform the public three weeks before the election? This whole scenario was preplanned by the powers that be.

If I was a registered Democrat (obviously, I’m not) in Cumberland County, I would be highly embarrassed by the pathetic ploy orchestrated by the leaders of the Democratic Party.

David M. Levin


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