No Party for Lou?

Has Lou Magazzu destroyed the Cumberland County Democratic Party? Lou built the local party into a powerhouse that was unbeatable. Candidates switched parties in order to be on his side, such was his power. Money came pouring in from the Camden and Gloucester machines.

But I hear rumblings. I understand that Pepitone and Thompson were recently arguing with Lou. What is their beef? Perhaps it is that there is no money to run their campaigns? Are they blaming Lou for the dearth of contributions. I understand that people are reluctant to contribute to an organization led by a man that caused Stephen Sweeney tobe cited by ELEC for illegally giving to Lou’s failed NACo campaign.

Yes, NACo hangs darkly not only over Lou’s head, but has tainted the entire Cumberland County organization. It must be remembered that Pepitone, Thompson, Jannarone – all heartily supported Lou’s failed run.

Then there are the rumors of investigations. The State AG, the FBI… rumblings that they have been digging into Lou’s financial doings.

And there is the despicable press conference he organized for Jane Jannarone, where she attempted to capitalize on the misfortune of another for political gain. All words are that this has backfired, and she has been proven to be a liar in as far as the facts have been presented.

The unions are none too happy that Lou has continually rewarded contracts to Camden and North Jersey interests, at the expense of the unemployed workers in our own county. In fact, this discontent has run so deep that the New Jersey State PBA has endorsed the Republican candidates in an unprecedented move.

The PBA generally leans toward Democrat candidates. This year, the PBA has endorsed no freeholder cnadidates in the state whatsoever, except for Sam Fiocchi and Carl Kirstein. For the PBA to endorse a candidate, ALL police organizations have to vote. The vote has to be unanimous.

“(NJ State PBA President) Tony Wieners attended a Vineland City Council meeting when they were trying to come up with a budget fix with the city police officers – he had taken a special interest in the issue – and was highly impressed by what he heard Sam Fiocci saying at the time,” said Buglio.

“He was impressed with how he was defending public safety at a time when it seemed everyone wanted to cut back.”

According to Buglio, Wieners then began the process of a state-wide PBA endorsement, which included obtaining a consensus from New Jersey’s various local PBA chapters.

It seems that Lou’s egotism has destroyed the organization that he built, and milked for personal gain. Is he through with the CCDO? Has he accomplished his goal, personal gain, and will now cast the party aside the way he casts people aside after he has used them?


6 Responses to No Party for Lou?

  1. Calhoun says:

    Carl, has ELEC released anything about Sweeney and his NACo contributions? I can’t find anything on it at their website.

    Thompson and Pepitone were bad at the debate on Wednesday. Thompson likened using taxpaypers’ money to build the veterans chapel to buying Girl Scout cookies. Honest he said that. When I buy Girl Scout cookies I do so voluntarily; however, the government forces me to pay taxes. Bad analogy Freeholder. The Rs did an excellent job on this issue, not allowing the Ds to make it look like those who oppose it are “against veterans.” The Rs basically said the best way to help veterans is to give them a better county to live in. Amen.

  2. WuLi says:

    I particularly liked the comment, I forget which R said it, that we should be doing something for the veterans while they are still living.

    Let’s analyze Thompson’s analogy, though. Hey, what’s another five dollars on taxpayers that have no jobs, because Thompson and Lou have ensured that county contracts go to Camden, and that Camden people get employed.

    The chapel is a nice idea. I can think of 100 more “nice ideas”. These nice ideas do nothing in the long term to create private sector jobs. They will cost tax money in the future for maintenance and operation costs. All reports tend towards an even more difficult county budget next year.

    But what the hey! Let’s just do all of these feel-good nice ideas. After-all, they only cost five dollars each. Next thing you know, we have increased taxes by $500 a year on every resident unfortunate enough to live in this county. And that is just to build the project, who knows how much more to operate them?

    This is just bad timing – especially when the chapel was offered to the county or free, in another Magazzu inside deal gone bad when ethics were challenged.

  3. Guess-Who says:

    The interesting part of the Debate was the current Freeholders (Say-IT-Ain’t-So Joe P. & Nelly T.) Talking about the Prosecutors New Office Building at the Vine Street Location.
    Defending their Doling of the $ & the Contract to the Highest Bidder.

    The THING that might be of ISSUE to the Local Bidder that was OMITTED from the Project, is WHAT was SAID by the Current Freeholder’s at this Debate about Them!

    L{.}{.}K for LEGAL Action to Possibly be Taken Against the County.

    These two (Joe & Nelly) believe that They have done This & That for the County, When in Fact they have Contributed to the Highest Unemployment in the State of NJ at 14+%
    The Highest Teen Pregnancy Rate in the State & almost the Entire Nation.
    The Lack of a Public Transportation System for the Majority of the Citizens in CC.

    These Freeholder’s are also Responsible for some of the Foreclosures, because of the County Taxes that have Increased during their Time Served on the Board of Chosen Freeholders for Cumberland County, NJ.

    Anyone KNOW the NUMBER of County Citizens that are Living in the Homeless Shelter on Mays Landing Rd?
    (They have their own NJ Transit Bus’s that Pick-UP & Drops-Off 6-8 Times a Day to the Shelter)the Bus says NO-PASSENGERS/Homeless Shelter.

    There is/was an Investigation about the going’s on at the Homeless Shelter as there has been Complaint’s that need to be Addressed in the Media.

    I can say that the Debate hosted by the MF’ers was LACKING the amount of Time needed to Ask & Answer the Questions that were Presented from the Audience that Attended.

    Asking a CCIA ? then NOT asking about the $1,000,000.00 LOSS in Revenue to CCIA because of the Flow-Control being Imposed by Atlantic County on their Trash.

    45 min. Total to Debate the IMPORTANT ISSUES with 4 Candidates; Due the Math on the Allotted Time for Each to RESPOND.
    What really could become KNOWN with only a 1 min time frame to ANSWER the QUESTION that was Ask?

    Did the Public LEARN anything from this Debate?
    That is the Question that needs an Answer.

    Checks and Balance make the County a Better Place

  4. jobba says:

    Do the R’s oppose laying off any law enforcement personnel even if the money to pay them is not there or do they propose to raise taxes? Soundbites during election season is fun but what do the candidates actually stand for?

  5. WuLi says:


    I think the record is clear – the unions, and not only law enforcement from what I am hearing al agree – lou and his regime have consistently shipped jobs to Camden, and paid out to the highest bidder.

    This reckless obedience to the Norcross machine has contributed to Cumberland County having the highest unemployment in the state,and kept county people from working.

    Lou and Jane still takes their taxpayer subsidized health benefits at a time when they fired countless county employees. Pepitone refuses to consider revoking benefits for part-timers, adding to the tax burden. the unions are even turning against Thompson, who has sided with Lou in giving away Cumberland County jobs to Camden and Philly.

    The R’s are simply saying they will remove political favoritism and inside deals and pay-to-play, and work to reverse the damage that Magazzu’s brand of politics has done to the county.

  6. jobba says:

    Wuli, I hear ya but the question is not how we got here but how we deal with it now.

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