Despicable ads

RD Owens blogged about the current and disgusting ad for Pepitone and Thompson. I have lost all respect for Pepitone. He should have spoken up when Jannarone held that nasty press conference. If Joe doesn’t have the backbone to stand up to Magazzu and Jannarone, he really should reconsider public office. Joe is a nice guy, but this ad disgusts me, and he should be ashamed to show his face in public.

When a teacher and a union boss okay an attack ad like this, one has all the information he needs to make an informed decision at the voting booth. The county Democratic Party is out of control. Lou Magazzu heads this despicable organization. Lump in Jane Jannarone, this year’s henchwoman, and you have a dearth of integrity.

If the Democrats want to play the guilt by association game, that is fine. Magazzu and Jannarone, the two loathesome folks at the top of the organization are sponsoring two candidates for freeholder who have sold their souls to become elected. Neither Joe Pepitone, a teacher who apparently has no moral compass, and Nelson Thompson, a blowhard who works solely doing a union’s work in D.C., are not fit to clean the toilets in my home let alone make decisions concerning the public’s tax dollars. Jannarone is the treasurer of this duo (and #2 defines what is going on pretty well).


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