Incompetence at every level

It seems Lou Magazzu is laying low this election cycle.  Jane Jannarone has been the one making news – I hope that she is not the next one in line for Freeholder Director. She recently announced a new web portal to help the county save money.

“It will allow us to cast a wider net with receiving bids for services the county may need,” Freeholder Jane Jannarone said.

Chioli Technologies LLC of Verona was paid $21,738 to design the portal, customized from a version in use in Essex County since 2008. The firm also will manage the portal, county purchasing agent David Mulford said.

$21,000? And they can’t even spell check the first page? This is yet another example of how the county leadership under Lou misses the details.

I fail to see how this can save the county money when Lou and his cronies regularly award contracts to the highest bidders? I wonder if they have a space on the form for the applicants to put in how much money they have donated to the Camden Democrat machine? That seem to be the real imperative to getting work in Cumberland County. Donate to Camden, Camden slips the money to Cumberland, and Cumberland hires you.


One Response to Incompetence at every level

  1. Hang 'em High says:

    As if a spelling error isn’t enough, take a look at the Cumberland County Website and click on the “Business” tab, then the “Business & Industry Guide” tab and then on the “Cumberland County Economy Development Board” tab.

    Now, I know Doug Rainear was one of the abusers of dual office holders in the past, but if the CC Website is accurate and current, he is still the Freeholder Director and Jane Christy is still a sitting Freeholder.

    Amazing… But the good news is, according to the website, King Louie is not the Freeholder Director.

    What good is a website if it is not current?

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