Who do they serve?

Our good friend Haystacks Calhoun, whoever he may be, left this in my inbox. Here it is, uncensored.

The letters to the Cumberland News today and yesterday by Nelson Thompson and Wade Sjogren are a hoot and loaded with hypocrisy.

Let’s start with Nelson, who wrote: “The fact is that both of my opponents are millionaires! Will they serve the majority? Do they really know the community issues and how to effectively address them? Or are they elitist.”

Huh? When did being successful turn out to be negative? Furthermore, when did having money make one elitist? I know a lot of broke schmucks with their noses in the air as well as down to earth wealthy people.

Then we have Wade who wrote: “In this election cycle, the public has made crystal clear that government needs to reign [sic] in spending. As a businessman, I understand what it means to live within a budget and so should government.”

Huh again? When has the current administration ever tried to keep spending down? As an aside, Wade must have attended the Lou Magazzu School of Spelling as he used the word “reign” when he meant “rein. This is the same screw up that occurs on Lou’s QES website (www.qesenergy.com/default.asp), which makes me wonder if Louie had a hand in writing Wade’s letter! Honestly, what are the odds that both Lou and Wade are such shit spellers?

And now to the hypocrisy. Nelson doesn’t want you voting for the two Republican candidates because they are millionaires and therefore probably elitist. But wait a minute! Didn’t Nelson run last year with Sjogren? Doesn’t Sjogren own his own sand mining company? Isn’t he likely a millionaire. Last year Nelson did want us voting for Sjogren but this year he doesn’t want us voting for the Rs becasue they are millionaires?!

I would argue that we should refrain from starting a war between the classes. However, we should declare war on the asses out there who make ridiculous statements, like Nelson’s and Wade’s

As a Democrat, myself, I feel bad raining on the parade of the Democrats as they try and defend their current reign as one that reined in spending. But what choice do I have? Their recent attacks on Republican millionaires while embracing wealthy Democrats is hypocrisy plain and simple. Furthermore, their reign/rein struggles makes it clear that either 1) they are all shit spellers — a bad thing or 2) Lou is writing everyone’s letters — a worse thing.

The local Democrats haven’t reined in shit; they do shovel it though.

One Response to Who do they serve?

  1. ?????? says:

    I have to agree with Haystacks about the hypocracy of the Dems. Nelson Thompson attacks sucessful businessmen and runs with unsucessful ones.
    Wade’s firm has been in financial problems for years.
    Check with his firms creditors. Thompson claims he is a union man, but supports Wade. Wade has had more union grievences against his firm than almost any company in Cumberland County.
    The Dems sure make it rain shit.

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