Acts of Desperation

By now you must have seen the despicable ad on television, approved by Joe Pepitone and Nelson Thompson. The ad is inexcusable.  Someone inside just told me that the D’s recent poll numbers have been so deplorable that they had to resort to the worst sort of campaigning.

Joe and Nelson should have distanced themselves from their boy Lou. Lou’s politics of destruction have finally come back to destroy the Cumberland County party. Loyal D’s are jumping ship, and their campaign chest is almost empty.

The PBA officially endorsed the team of Fiocchi and Kirstein, much to the chagrin of Lou’s minions. It seems the carpenter’s Union has abandoned the losing team of Joe and Nelson. These two deserve to lose after endorsing that inexcusable commercial, and not calling Jannerone on her lies claiming that her press conference had nothing to do with the election.

I have noticed in Millville that the idiots have been placing campaign signs on city property. Apparently nobody with principles will allow the signs on their own property. The recent actions by these candidates reeks of desperation. I have to wonder – if they are so desperate to keep a job where nobody wants them, who are they planning on serving? Will they continue the tradition of Lou Magazzu serving themselves?


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