Electrical and Carpenter Unions NOT to support Thompson or Pepitone

We reported this first, now covered by the News of Cumberland County:

The Cumberland County Regular Republican Organization on Monday announced GOP freeholder candidates Sam Fiocchi and Carl Kirstein met with a pair of labor union officials for lunch at the Vineland Ramada Inn to discuss common concerns.

While no local unions have announced endorsements for any candidates, Democratic incumbents Nelson Thompson and Freeholder Deputy Director Joe Pepitone boast the lion’s share of campaign contributions from organized labor.

The newspaper leaves out the fact that the NJPBA has endorsed Fiocchi/Kirstien, and no other freeholder candidates in the state. And I heard through the grapevine that Caprneters rep Jonathon Young said that Thompson “was out of touch.” I would like to have some more details on that!

I know that Thompson’s painters union is out of touch and hates working artists. These dolts almost shut down a work site in Cherry Hill area because mural artists were installing a mural. The artists were cursed at and abused by union leaders (not the workers, they just wanted to do their job) because they were not union members. Sorry, but artists do not have their own union. The real reason for them assaulting the artists is that they demanded that union painters get paid to sit around and do nothing while the artists painted the mural. This was an old fashioned shake down. Nelson told me that this was wrong on their part, but I still see that he has done nothing in his position to stop such unethical practices by his favorite union. All talk, no action.

There are so many reasons not to vote for Lou’s lackeys.

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